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Obtaining a Doctorate Degree in Nursing

Similar to nurses that have earned their master's degrees, nurses possessing a doctoral degree are expected to be in very high demand in the near future. Obtaining a nursing doctorate online will allow you to create a myriad of job opportunities. This degree can put you in a specialized pool of skilled nurses that are in very high demand. A doctorate in nursing program, known as a DNP or Doctor of Nursing Practice will allow you to lead the industry in clinical research and advanced nursing practice. These doctoral programs can take between four and six years to complete requiring a significant amount of commitment on your behalf.

A nursing doctorate online program will typically require between 3 and 5 years of full-time studying including studying over the summer. The focus area for the program is going to vary depending on what school you attend but a doctorate program for nursing is generally going to build upon the advanced practice nurse role. This area of study focuses on developing more advanced specialist skills beyond what the regular practice nurse degree provides. The goal with this degree program is to prepare leaders capable of filling a wide variety of educational, clinical and organizational roles.

A nursing doctorate online program will help you to obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, also known as a DNP degree. This type of degree has emerged as the preferred degree for nursing executives. This program typically requires around 3 years worth of full-time study emphasizing the development of practice-oriented leadership. Another type of doctorate degree program available for studying nurses is the DNSc program also known as a Doctor of Nursing Science degree. These individuals are prepared to be nurse scientists with in-depth investigative skills for clinical leadership principles.

There are multiple avenues that you can choose to pursue through a nursing doctorate online degree program. For example, you may pursue a doctorate in nursing philosophy, a doctorate in nursing science, a doctorate in nursing practice, an accelerated BSN to PhD degree, or a number of other doctorate nursing programs depending on your specific career goals. With so many different doctorate programs offered it is important to develop your career goals before entering into a nursing degree program online. Once you have specific goals in place you can then meet your nursing career objectives.