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Registered Nurses (RN) treat and educate patients about many different medical conditions using methods that both provide sound advice and emotional support for the afflicted and supporting family members. Registered Nurses record the patients' medical histories, symptoms, carry out diagnostic tests and then narrow down the underlying ailment by analyzing the results. RNs are also responsible for operating heavy, expensive medical machinery, manage a treatment assessment and medications, including scheduling patient follow-up appointments and administering rehabilitation when necessary. RNs can travel between a hospital or other medical environments to a patients home to help assist the patient in managing their illnesses or injuries. Some of the post-treatment home care incentives include: a comprehensive diet, nutritional and exercise program, physical therapy, plus educating the patients on how to self-administer medications without a certified medical assistant actively present. RNs may also play other roles including promoting an active, healthy lifestyle to the general public. RNs are also responsible for running health and immunization clinics and blood banks on an as needed basis.

Prospective students can choose three educational paths to become a registered nurse, including a bachelor's degree, associates degree, or a diploma from an accredited nursing program. Graduates must complete and pass a national examination to obtain a nursing license. Advanced practicing nurses, such as a nurse specialists, nurse mid-wives and nurse anesthetics, must obtain a master's degree in order to qualify. Prospective students can actively seek out financial aid services, including private and federal nursing scholarships and grants. Some federal nursing scholarships require students to work at least two years in a public health care facility because of a critical shortage of nurses in the field. Eligible applicants for available nursing school scholarships must have certain prerequisites before the nursing scholarships agencies fully consider them. For instance, prospective students applying for private and federal nursing scholarships and grants must be a lawful in-born or naturalized U.S. citizen, enrolled and accepted into an accredited nursing program or its equivalent, start classes at the beginning of the semester, free from federal judgement liens, existing service commitments, and free from delinquency on federal debt. Current students possessing nursing school scholarships must maintain an active enrollment status, and remain in good academic standing in order to retain their nursing scholarship and grants privileges.

A career pursuit as a registered nurse requires dedication, assistance and commitment in order to successfully enter the medical field. Prospective students must possess certain prerequisites in order to apply for financial aid services that would fully or partially fund any qualifying nursing scholarships and grants program for those eligible. Finding the correct nursing scholarships resources will assist in enrollment to finally kick-start a demanding, yet rewarding career opportunity.

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