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Nursing Internships

A nursing internship provides an opportunity for nursing students to work while they are studying. With a nursing internship, they can earn some money as they undergo nursing education. This way, they can apply what they have learned in school to the work. A nursing internship also opens the door for experienced nurses to switch their specialties and build up their resumes.

The nursing programs help the intern to understand the technicality related to the area of his or her specialization. They will be trained in the areas of critical thinking and analysis can be applied in nursing schools or nursing jobs. A nursing internship is just like other internships. It can be full time or part time, depending on the hospital and the program of study. Here are some of the different types of nursing internships:

Paid Internship:

In a paid internship, students are compensated for work done. The payment can be in the form of stipends, salaries, and so on. It is the most preferred of all the internships.

Unpaid Internship:

Most of the unpaid internships are done on a voluntary basis for the sake of experience. Such internships are unpaid and the interns do not receive anything in return. Such internships are in nonprofit organizations, government organizations, and others.

Typical Internship:

This internship lasts for tenure of 12 weeks.

Cooperative Internship:

Another type of an unpaid internship. It’s good to get a cooperative internship because you will get a job in the organization immediately after graduation.

What is the Eligibility for Nursing Internship Programs?

Nursing internship programs are open to all the undergraduate nurses who are attending a nursing program. Even working nurses who are interested in changing their field of specialization can get themselves enrolled in an internship program and work in a different field.

Types of Nursing Internship Program

There are various types of Internship programs depending on the different areas of specialization. For instance, a nurse who wants to specialize in pediatrics will have to work as an intern in the pediatric ward. Here are some other areas that offer internships.

Medical-Surgical Internship:

The tenure of this internship is 2 weeks in which the students are given clinical experience. They are acclimatized to the new environment through case studies and presentations.

Progressive Care Internship:

The areas which come under it are respiratory assessment, cardiac medications, acid base balance, and others. The tenure for this internship is 5 weeks and it’s open for new students as well as experienced nurses who want more experience in this field.

Intensive Care Internship:

It is a continuation program of the Progressive Care Internship. The duration is just 1 week. The areas which come under this type of internship are vasoactive and inotropic drugs, hemodynamic monitoring, and more. The requirement for this internship is that the intern should have completed an internship in the medical surgical field.

Open Heart Intensive Care:

This internship prepares a nurse for the critical role of taking care of patients who have undergone open heart surgery. It covers topics like types of open heart surgery, types of nursing required, and more. Clinical experience is also provided to the intern so that there’s a better understanding of how things work in real-life situations. For an intern to get enrolled in this program, he or she should have successfully completed an internship in progressive and intensive care.

Emergency Nursing Internship:

The topics included in this type of internship are triage, detecting and reporting of abuses, taking care of special emergencies in medical and surgical procedures. The internship for emergency nursing also includes clinical experience for the students.

Maternal Child Internship:

This type of internship is open to new graduates as well as a medical surgical nurse. It is for a time period of 8 weeks. Some duties include taking care of antepartum patients, taking care of the patients during labor pains and delivery, and also new born babies.

Pediatric Nursing Internship:

For tenure of 5 weeks, this internship is open for new graduates as well as the experienced nurses. The internship includes taking care of the pediatric patient.

Perioperative Nursing Internship:

This internship is for nurses who are willing to work in the operating room. It’s for 12 months. The first few months are for classroom training where the nurses learn about the environment, the basics of wound closure, and more. The remaining period is utilized for their clinical experience.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Internship:

For tenure of 7 weeks, this internship is for new graduates as well as experienced nurses. This internship is for nurses and students who wish to work in a Neonatal Intensive care unit. The course includes topics on brain, spinal cord, development and medication, and ventilator management.

How to Apply for Nursing Internship Programs?

It is very easy to apply for a nursing internship program. There are many hospitals and health institutions which offer an easy enrollment procedure where aspiring nurses or nursing students can apply and get enrolled for their internship. Even students from online nursing programs can get registered for the internship. There are many organizations which offer online registration. Students who are seeking an internship in such organizations can fill out the online forms which are available on the websites of these organizations and get themselves enrolled.

Benefits of a Nursing Internship Program:

There are many benefits of nursing internship programs because nurses can start to earn some money before graduation. As they get more training in internships, the nurses have a better prospect and future. Nurses have to put what they have learnt into practice while they work in Intensive Care Units or emergency rooms. Without an internship, nursing students will not have the opportunity to work in these places and prepare themselves in their field. After a successful internship, the students can work as a nurse.

The nurses are made to practice in Intensive care units or emergency rooms wherein they get to experience certain situations which they would otherwise not get during their undergraduate program. After a successful internship, the students can work as a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. The students already enrolled in such programs like LPN Programs, RN Programs or Online LPN Programs can also apply for internships and get more work experience for their career.

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