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Handwashing for CNAs

Handwashing is considered the single most important practice to prevent the spread of infection. Even when hands look clean, they could potentially be crawling with dangerous microorganisms and pathogens. Using soap and friction during handwashing helps loosen the oils on the skin, allowing dirt and pathogens to be rinsed away.

Seattle, Washington RN Programs

RN Programs in Seattle, Washington

Seattle is host to a wide array of RN programs. These range from associate's degree to bachelor's degree programs, which are offered online and on campuses in the Seattle area.

After an individual graduates from an RN program, he or she must pass the NCLEX-RN before becoming licensed.

Austin, Texas RN Programs

RN Programs in Austin, Texas

There are many RN programs in Austin, Texas for those wishing to begin a career in nursing. These programs vary in terms of length, curricula, degree outcome, and learning environment.

ADN vs. BSN Programs

One can become a registered nurse after earning either an associate's or bachelor's degree. There are advantages to both degree options, so choosing is a matter of personal preference.