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Holistic medicine is growing in popularity

Holistic medicine is a health care option that is growing in popularity as the population seeks an alternative to health care that doesn’t involve scores of drug combinations and multiple diagnostic tests. Holistic medicine treats the patient as a whole instead of just focusing on a solitary symptom. The goal of holistic medicine is to treat the patient by addressing the social, physical and psychological needs of the patient. An integral part of holistic health care and the holistic health care team is the holistic health nurse.

Changes in Nursing Education

The level of education that nurses have received over the years is an ever changing thing. What used to be solely on the job training has now evolved into college programs that even expand into the doctorate degree level. As technology changes and becomes a larger part of the nursing world, more education will be required of nurses as they move from high school on their way to the work force. All of the changes in education are designed to produce the most qualified, competent nurses to care for a patient.

Do You Need to Graduate High School to Be a CNA in PA?

By law, you do not need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. However, many programs that train CNAs do require their students to have one or the other. Many employers also want to see that on a resume of any CNA they want to hire. So, while the state does not require it, you may find schools and employers do. Many find that if they do get into a program and find employment, their chances of further advancement are limited. Working towards a high school diploma or a GED is likely the best path for long term success.

Certified Occupational Health Nursing

The nursing world is filled with different specialties and areas of focused care. For many people, being a general registered nurse does not offer the kind of detailed care that they are looking to be a part of. Some people like to work on one area of health care day after day to hone their skills and become an expert in the field that interests them the most. One of these specialized areas of care is a certified occupational health nurse.

Can Misdemeanors Prevent You from Being an LPN?

The answer to this question is not easy to answer. It really depends on what state you live in and the types of crimes for which you have a conviction. In some cases, the amount of time since the last crime makes a difference also. In most states, anyone who has a criminal past may have to go before the nursing board before receiving a license. Those boards have a considerable amount of leeway when it comes to granting or not granting a license.

Can I be a Travel Nurse if I have a 1 Year Lapse in Employment?

The answer to this depends on the company that will employ you. Each company has different requirements when it comes to who works for them. It can also come down to the types of assignments the agency has on its books when you walk in the door.

Can a CMA Get a Job as a CNA?

A CMA, or certified medical assistant, generally has a longer instruction course than that of a CNA, or certified nursing assistant. Unfortunately, the average CMA has not been properly trained when it comes to the tasks that are demanded of a nursing assistant. A medical assisting program is generally designed to train individuals perform clerical and administrative tasks within a doctor's office, hospital, clinic or some other type of healthcare facility.

What is a Bonded Nurse?

Nurses are sworn to protect the health and welfare of their patients and to do what is right for them. Nurses also need to consider protecting themselves and they can do that by becoming bonded. This is especially important for nurses who work in home health care and are frequent visitors to patient’s homes where they will often be going alone. By becoming bonded, it protects nurses against any liability or accusations that come their way.

How Do I Become a Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is one of the highest ranking fields in the nursing career range. Nurse practitioners can do many of the same duties as a physician. They can treat patients, diagnose diseases and prescribe medication and treatments for patients. In most states, nurse practitioners can even work in a private practice on their own. Like most other fields in the health care world, there is a strong job outlook for this career. Becoming a nurse practitioner takes more time and requires more post secondary education than a regular nurse.

Are there Online RN Degrees?

There are online RN degrees. The trick to remember with these degree programs is that you will likely need to find a local hospital or clinic willing to offer you the clinical experience you need to complete the degree program. You take classes online with the university of your choice. However, all programs require you to complete a certain number of clinical hours before you can graduate. You will need to locate a local facility willing to allow you to complete those hours with a qualified RN or doctor supervising and signing off on the work.