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What is a Bonded Nurse?

Nurses are sworn to protect the health and welfare of their patients and to do what is right for them. Nurses also need to consider protecting themselves and they can do that by becoming bonded. This is especially important for nurses who work in home health care and are frequent visitors to patient’s homes where they will often be going alone. By becoming bonded, it protects nurses against any liability or accusations that come their way.

How Do I Become a Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is one of the highest ranking fields in the nursing career range. Nurse practitioners can do many of the same duties as a physician. They can treat patients, diagnose diseases and prescribe medication and treatments for patients. In most states, nurse practitioners can even work in a private practice on their own. Like most other fields in the health care world, there is a strong job outlook for this career. Becoming a nurse practitioner takes more time and requires more post secondary education than a regular nurse.

Are there Online RN Degrees?

There are online RN degrees. The trick to remember with these degree programs is that you will likely need to find a local hospital or clinic willing to offer you the clinical experience you need to complete the degree program. You take classes online with the university of your choice. However, all programs require you to complete a certain number of clinical hours before you can graduate. You will need to locate a local facility willing to allow you to complete those hours with a qualified RN or doctor supervising and signing off on the work.

Nursing Theory – An Introduction

Nursing theory is essentially a group of general ideas and doctrines put forth as a framework for the further acquisition of knowledge within the field. They are needed as much as theory in many other fields, such as math, philosophy, and literature.

Understanding Patient Rights

In the nursing profession, nurses have to adhere to a set of standards, generally referred to as the Patients’ Bill of Rights, that outline the rights that the patients in their care are entitled to getting, since they are the recipients of medical care from nurses and other members of the medical profession. Nursing programs may even touch on this subject for any nursing students attending nursing schools.

How to Build a Nursing Resume

A hospital's human resource department handles hundreds of nursing resumes a week. A good portion of those resumes are for nursing occupations with a hefty percentage of qualifying applicants. A prospective applicant should consider ways to make his or her resume stand out from the rest of the pile.

Nursing Internships

A nursing internship provides an opportunity for nursing students to work while they are studying. With a nursing internship, they can earn some money as they undergo nursing education. This way, they can apply what they have learned in school to the work.

Educate the World: Using a Degree in Nursing to Increase Public Awareness

Nursing is an honorable, well-respected profession. All nurses share a common goal to help improve the lives of others, sometimes by saving their lives. While many nurses care for patients who are admitted into a healthcare facility, some choose to use their nursing degree to increase public awareness about disease treatment and prevention. Community and public health nurses care for entire communities in a variety of settings. Nursing specializations geared toward public health nursing are a great choice for those who wish to educate and treat the public on a larger scale.

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Why Nursing?

Nursing Connections, Building Your Better Career

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, you should seriously consider nursing. Today, there are about 150,000 nursing jobs left vacant in the United States because of insufficient supply. The problem is only going to be more acute in the next decade or so when the figure of vacant nurse jobs can cross 800,000, which is quite a staggering problem.

Nursing Exams By State

Currently there is a shortage of qualified nurses throughout the United States. This is the perfect time and presents the perfect opportunity to get a degree in nursing through nursing education such as an RN program or LPN program.