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What are a CNA's Duties?

Like many nursing positions, the duties of the CNA are varied and will depend greatly on where he or she is employed. A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, provides basic health care while working under the supervision of either a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. CNA's can find employment in virtually any healthcare environment ranging from a nursing home to a hospital, outpatient facility, school or clinic. The average certified nursing assistant can expect to work a proximally 40 hours a week with an average lunch and break schedule.

Veterinary Nurses

Not every nursing position has a human for a patient. Veterinary nurses are a popular career option which is growing in popularity each day. Veterinary nurses help care for the animals that are brought into the veterinary clinic and assist the veterinarians with different duties throughout the day. Becoming a vet nurse can be a fulfilling career and can sometimes spur the desire to gain further education in veterinary medicine.

Travel Nurse Jobs

Not all nurses have the desire to stay in the same location in their career for the duration but instead want to be able to move around and see different place. For these people, becoming a travel nurse may be the career path for them. A travel nurse is a registered nurse that moves from hospital to hospital, or other health care office, helping out when needed on a contract basis. There are many benefits to being a travel nurse for those that choose to go this career path.

Anesthetist Nurse Education

An anesthetist nurse is the nurse that is responsible for providing anesthesia during a surgical procedure. Being a nurse anesthetist is one of the most sought after fields in the nursing world. The field has relatively low turnover and offers a stability that cannot be found in other divisions of nursing. They are also some of the highest paid nursing professionals. There are approximately 40,000 anesthetist nurses in the United States who are responsible for the anesthesia care to millions of patients who need to be sedated for medical care each year.

Neonatal Nurse Education

Neonatal nurses are nurses that work in the nurseries of hospitals caring for newborn babies or in the neonatal intensive care units caring for babies that need extra care after being born early or with a serious health condition. Compared to other areas of nursing, neonatal care is a relatively new branch. It has been around since the 1960s when more women started to have their babies in hospitals as opposed to home births. Because neonatal nurses care with the smallest patients in a hospital there are some additional training requirements to be ready for the job.

Scrub Nurse Roles

When a patient goes in for surgery there is a large operating team that works together to make sure the patient comes out of the surgery in the best condition possible. There is a team that preps the patient for surgery before entering the operating room. Inside the operating room is another group that does the work on the patient or assists the professionals doing the surgery. The surgeon does the actual surgery and the anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia with the help of an anesthetic nurse. There are also nurses that help with the surgery called scrub nurses.

RN Hospital Duties

A registered nurse is one of the most common health care positions that a patient will encounter. Registered nurses work in doctor’s offices, urgent care clinics, health departments and all of the departments in a hospital. These health care professionals have a wide range of duties that they will have to perform during a regular work day. Nurses are responsible for everything from administering medication to conducting follow up interviews with patients before they leave the hospital to make sure they are clear on the treatment orders.

How To Become a Psychiatric Nurse

There are many different divisions in health care where a registered nurse can work. Each of these concentrations requires their own specialized education and training to meet the required duties of the job. One of these different sectors is to become a psychiatric nurse. Psychiatric nurses help patients who have mental health needs and also work with their families to help them understand the diagnosis so they will be able to assist their family members with their treatment.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Duties

A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner works with patients who are in need of mental health assistance. The nurse practitioner also works alongside their family and in some cases employers and communities to lay out and detail the mental health care plan for the patient to make sure it is followed for the best treatment care for the patient. A psychiatric nurse practitioner can do many of the duties that a psychiatrist can for the patient.

Nurses with a Master's Degree

Countless individuals decide to become a nurse each day. They are driven by their need to help their fellow man and likely because of the relative job security that comes from working in the health care field. Being a nurse requires years of education and hands-on training to be qualified to work in the field. Students finishing school generally have no problem finding a job because of the need for them. Individuals who already have their degree but are looking for work can usually find jobs just as quickly as those just finishing their education.