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What is the Role of the Orthopedic Nurse?

The roots of orthopedic nursing can be traced all the way back to Victorian England. The first individual who can be considered an orthopedic nurse was Dame Agnes Hunt who suffered from severe septic arthritis in her hip. She went on to devote her entire life to helping crippled children and individuals who had been injured during war. Modern-day orthopedic nurses can be found in a variety of hospital settings ranging from operating rooms to dedicated orthopedic units.

What is the Role of the Nurse in Charge?

For many nurses in hospital and doctor’s office settings, their career goal is to become the nurse in charge. The charge nurse has many responsibilities in the medical facility. The most important function that the charge nurse serves is that they oversee every single nurse that works in the medical facility. This is definitely not an entry-level position and requires many years of nursing experience in order to qualify for the job.

What is the Highest Paying Nurse Job?

Nursing is a big part of the medical world. Without nurses, medicine would still be in the Dark Ages. The fact is, however, that nurses are often the ones underpaid in the medical professions. However, there are a few nursing positions that offer higher than normal wages. Each of these specializations require extra training and, in some cases, special certifications.

What is the Easiest Online RN to MSN Program?

In today’s technologically driven world, many students are looking for online education programs. This is especially true for online RN to MSN bridge programs. Once you already are an RN, you may find it is in your best interest to go ahead and get your master’s degree in nursing. The MSN degree can open up a world of promotions, more responsibilities and more money for a nurse so it is easy to see its appeal to many nurses. The trouble comes when trying to get the MSN degree. Nurses work very long and varied hours, so going to traditional school is not always an option.

What is an LPN?

Many nurses are Licensed Practical Nurses or LPNs. LPNs are very important in the healthcare industry. LPNs find work in more generalized areas of healthcare and you will usually find them working in clinics, doctor’s offices and nursing homes. An LPN works directly under the supervision of an RN, but usually oversees the nurse assistants. The LPN does a lot of the work, especially in nursing homes. They are generally the ones who give the injections, check on the patient’s progress and provide basic bedside care.

What is a Volunteer Nurse?

Most people have heard of volunteer firefighters and even volunteer policemen, but did you know that there are also volunteer nurses? Yes, there are volunteer nurses. You may be wondering why anyone who spent all that time getting a nursing degree would just volunteer their time and services instead of getting paid for them, but volunteer nursing is a very rewarding job. Most volunteer nurses also work in paid positions, so it is not as if they are never making any money. It is just that they use some of their free time to help those who are less fortunate.

What is a RN's Workplace Setting?

Registered nurses can work in many different workplace settings. Almost 60% of RNs work in a hospital. Registered nurses are the backbone of many hospitals. They work in every department within the building. Some nurses provide general care to patients in the different wards. Others specialize in specific areas like emergency room care or neonatology. Nurses often staff administrative positions as well. The role of the registered nurse continues to change and evolve as the medical world changes. What an RN did 30 years ago is different from what they do today.

What is a Public Health Nurse?

Many individuals may not be aware of the difference between a registered nurse and a public health nurse. The simplest explanation is that, while most nurses are responsible for caring for only one patient at a time, a public health nurse is tasked with caring for an entire community or population. Public health nurses are primarily responsible for educating members of their community about common health issues and improving the overall safety and health of individuals in a certain area. They are also vital when it comes to increasing people's access to high-quality health care.

What is a Nurse Practitioners Hourly Salary?

A nurse practitioner is a nurse who has received additional training and education in a specific area of medicine like pediatrics or family practice. Many individuals regularly see a nurse practitioner instead of a traditional family doctor in order to treat common ailments that they or their children may suffer from. These individuals have received a Masters degree in nursing and often have a board certification in one of the many specialties that are available.

What is a Nurse Case Manager?

In order to better understand what exactly a nurse case manager is it is important for an individual to realize that the duties of one individual may be drastically different than those of another at a different facility even if they have the same title. There are a wide range of specialties for nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists who have received their Masters in nursing degree.