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Why I Chose To Become A Nursing Assistant

Although the global economy is in less than stellar shape these days, the need for qualified individuals to care for sick and elderly individuals has continued to rise. Certified nursing assistants, or CNA's, are often the first line of workers to handle the needs of these individuals.

Why Become a Nurse Assistant?

The decision to become a nurse assistant is personal. However, some aspects to the job attract people. First, nursing assistants work directly with patients. When you think of the nursing profession, working with people is a big part of their job description. However, in reality, the LPNs and RNs often have to handle the medical side of patient care, more than the personal one. They rely on their nursing assistants to help the patients with personal care. The nursing assistants can build personal relationships with patients.

Why Become a Nurse?

If you ask any nurse why they chose the profession, the answers would likely be different from one nurse to the next. It is truly a personal decision. Moreover, in reality, there are many reasons to become a nurse.

• Altruism is one. The term altruism covers many aspects of the nursing profession. It means you want to make a positive contribution to someone's life. You want to do something that matters in the world. You can help alleviate pain and suffering in your fellow man. You want to help patients and their families handle the problems and find hope in the situation.

Which Nurses Make the Most Money?

Because of the wide variety of positions available for qualified nurses in today's hospitals and clinics, the amount of money that a nurse can expect to make will depend greatly on a number of different important factors. Perhaps the most crucial thing to consider when determining which nurses make the most money, is the level of training that a nurse has. The highest paid nurses are generally nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and certified registered nurse anesthetists. Of these three groups, certified registered nurse anesthetists are generally the highest paid.

Where to Get a Job as an LPN?

If you are looking at becoming an LPN or just graduated from an LPN program, you may be wondering where exactly you can expect to find work. Even though there are not as many job opportunities for LPNs as there are for RNs, there are still plenty of places that are looking to hire LPNs. You just have to know the right places to look while you are on your LPN job hunt.

When is Overtime Pay for Nurses Paid by Their Employers?

In the nursing career field, overtime is pretty much a guaranteed part of the work experience. While there are some states that have imposed limits and standards on overtime for nurses, many nurses find themselves working many overtime hours every week. Unlike most other professions, the time in which a nurse will begin getting overtime pay can vary. However, the rate of pay is generally the same, one and a half times the amount of the hourly wage each hour.

Which classes are required to be an RN?

A registered nurse is one of the most in-demand professions and has one of the highest rates of job security. A nurse must be a truly caring person with the patient’s best interest at heart. Many people decide to become a registered nurse each year. To become a registered nurse their classes that have to be taken before entering the work force as a health care professional. These programs include different classes that will educate and prepare a future nurse for their career as a working registered nurse.

What Qualifications Does a Pediatric Nurse Need?

There are many types of nurses and there are many specialties that a nurse can specialize in. Which specialty is chosen will vary from nurse to nurse and will vary depending on the career goals that the nurse has. One of the most sought after specialties is with pediatrics. Pediatrics is the specialty that works with children. Children are dealt with on a different level than adults are dealt with. The nurses who work with children are not there by chance. All of them have worked hard to get there and deserve to be working with the children.

What Qualifications Do I need to become a Nurse?

Becoming a nurse is a decision that is not made lightly. Not everyone has the ability, and the stomach, to work with sick and dying people every day. For some people all of this is too sad and too emotional to watch and to deal with. But for the people who have a calling to help others, nursing may be the field for them. There are many different types of nurses and which one someone becomes depends on the amount of schooling they would like to do.

What is the Function of a CNA in a Hospital Vs Nursing Home?

There are many different levels of nursing from the most basic to the most educated. Even though each level of nursing requires a certain level of schooling, each level is sought after and respected in their own way. This is true for Certified Nursing Assistants, also known as a CNA. A CNA can be done with their schooling in a year’s time and can begin working soon after. The schooling for a CNA, while does focus on the medical aspect of the job, spends a lot of time focusing on the people skills side of the job as well.