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What is a Good Score on the Nurse Entrance Exam?

For anyone wishing to become a nurse, there will be many tests that need to be taken. The tests will begin in high school before nursing school is even thought of. Those tests will give the grades that colleges and programs will look at to see if you will be admitted. Once you are in a program, you will be given tests all along the way to see how you are doing with the material. Once the course is completed, there will be a test to get a certification and a license so you are able to get a job.

What Do Pediatric Nurses Do?

There are many kinds of nurses and there are many kinds of specialties that nurses can be involved in. Every nurse, no matter what their level of schooling and ability, needs to be involved in some sort of specialty. From emergency care to family care to pediatrics, all nurses need to have a place and a specialty they can call their own. One of the more sought after specialties for nurses is pediatrics. Pediatric nurses need to be able to do more than just medicine when it comes to working with kids. Working with kids takes a different kind of person than when dealing with adults.

What Business Can a Nurse Own Other Than a Staffing Agency?

The field of nursing is a vast and growing field. There are hospitals, medical clinics, medical offices and nursing homes where nurses can work. While there are plenty of opportunities for nurses to work and grow in any of these facilities, not all nurses want to work for someone one and be on their schedule. Some nurses want to branch out, work for themselves and really take charge of their careers. There are many ways that a nurse is able to do this. Some of the ideas are creative and have the nurse thinking outside of the box.

What Nurse License Do You Need to Work in a Detoxification Facility?

Each detoxification center employs different mixes of nursing staff for their patients. That means there are difference licensing requirements needed to work in a detoxification facility. Some states have specific requirements for nurses in detoxification facilities. The best option is to contact the employer and the state about what license you need to work. That will give you the answer you need. Here is a general guide to the different licensing and detoxification facilities.

What Makes a Good Charge Nurse?

If you are a nurse who is thinking about seeking out promotional opportunities such as becoming a charge nurse, you need to know the qualities you need to possess in order to be a good one. The charge nurse is an administrative and supervisory position, so you will need to have plenty of nursing experience in order to become a charge nurse, no matter what. Those years of nursing experience will help you be a better boss and also enable you to better the entire nursing department all the way around.

What is the Role of the Orthopedic Nurse?

The roots of orthopedic nursing can be traced all the way back to Victorian England. The first individual who can be considered an orthopedic nurse was Dame Agnes Hunt who suffered from severe septic arthritis in her hip. She went on to devote her entire life to helping crippled children and individuals who had been injured during war. Modern-day orthopedic nurses can be found in a variety of hospital settings ranging from operating rooms to dedicated orthopedic units.

What is the Role of the Nurse in Charge?

For many nurses in hospital and doctor’s office settings, their career goal is to become the nurse in charge. The charge nurse has many responsibilities in the medical facility. The most important function that the charge nurse serves is that they oversee every single nurse that works in the medical facility. This is definitely not an entry-level position and requires many years of nursing experience in order to qualify for the job.

What is the Highest Paying Nurse Job?

Nursing is a big part of the medical world. Without nurses, medicine would still be in the Dark Ages. The fact is, however, that nurses are often the ones underpaid in the medical professions. However, there are a few nursing positions that offer higher than normal wages. Each of these specializations require extra training and, in some cases, special certifications.

What is the Easiest Online RN to MSN Program?

In today’s technologically driven world, many students are looking for online education programs. This is especially true for online RN to MSN bridge programs. Once you already are an RN, you may find it is in your best interest to go ahead and get your master’s degree in nursing. The MSN degree can open up a world of promotions, more responsibilities and more money for a nurse so it is easy to see its appeal to many nurses. The trouble comes when trying to get the MSN degree. Nurses work very long and varied hours, so going to traditional school is not always an option.

What is an LPN?

Many nurses are Licensed Practical Nurses or LPNs. LPNs are very important in the healthcare industry. LPNs find work in more generalized areas of healthcare and you will usually find them working in clinics, doctor’s offices and nursing homes. An LPN works directly under the supervision of an RN, but usually oversees the nurse assistants. The LPN does a lot of the work, especially in nursing homes. They are generally the ones who give the injections, check on the patient’s progress and provide basic bedside care.