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Choosing an Online Bachelor Degree in Nursing Program

Nurses have been called God’s hands to the world. Following a noble and compassionate profession, nurses care for the sick and injured. Most nurses enter their careers as registered nurses, or RN’s, having earned an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). The credits for this Associate of Science degree in Nursing can count toward the earning of an online bachelor’s degree in nursing. Online degrees are growing more and more popular as they afford students the flexibility of continuing to work full time and care for their families and their many other commitments.

Get your BSN Degree Online

In the United States most career fields require a university level degree. These can range from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s to a master’s to a doctorate level degree. Because of the prevalence of the internet, the phenomenon of the online degree program has arisen and taken hold. Thousands of students are interacting in online programs which will result in the earning of a degree. In the field of nursing, there are currently multiple degree opportunities. Every position in the nursing field is required to have a certification or license of some type.

LPN to BSN Online Degree Programs

There are around 700,000 people working as licensed practical/vocational nurses in the United States. Like all nursing positions, LPN and LVN nurses are overseen by each state’s individual board of nursing. The state board approves candidates for eligibility to take the licensing exam and become an LPN/LVN. This is an entry level position for nurses though some LPN’s can supervise nurse assistants or orderlies. LPNs are most often employed in hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, or in home health care.

Is an Online BSN Program Right For You?

An online BSN program offers many different opportunities for people who need a better way to get their education. Of course, online learning isn’t for everyone. There are some people who just fare better in a classroom setting and that is absolutely fine. In order to determine whether online education is the right solution in your situation, you will need to research your options and learn about the requirements of online degrees to be better prepared in making your best decision.

Beginners and RN’s guide to a BSN On Line

When it comes to excelling in the nursing profession, you have to think ahead and make the correct decisions right off the bat. For many this means saving money and setting aside time to study. For those already RN certified this is going to mean finding the right RN to BSN program. No matter what situation you’re in, you are going to want to start using the internet to get the information you need. The internet has revolutionized many areas of our lives and nursing education is not much different.

Completing Residency for an Online PhD Nursing Program

It is a common misconception that residency programs are just for doctors. Some individuals pursuing online PhD programs for nursing will find that a residency is a requirement for graduation. Many experts feel that nurses are better prepared in their career if they experience certain situations that cannot be learned in a classroom, such as ongoing care for a critically ill patient.

Take Your Career to the Next Level with an Online Doctoral Nursing Program

With online doctoral nursing programs you can easily take your career to the next level. Careers at this level of education are going to demand much more time and effort but they are a worthwhile investment. Over the next decade, it is expected that there will be a significant increase in the demand for this particular type of professional which is what makes it such a great educational path for people today. Doctoral nursing programs can prepare people for careers in clinical research, advanced practice and administrative positions throughout various healthcare facilities.

Different Types of Online Doctoral Nursing Programs

Any type of doctoral program can take years to complete. Nursing is no exception. If you would like to get your doctorate, you can expect to spend four to six years before you complete the program. This is a significant time commitment for anyone to make, but it is particularly hard for those with families or demanding jobs. If you would like to get your degree but do not want to commute regularly for the next four to six years consider enrolling in one of the doctoral nursing programs online.

Learn the Basics of Online PhD Nursing Programs

When it comes to developing your career in nursing you are going to find that you have an almost endless list of options. When you were studying for your BSN or MSN, you may found that you had to pigeonhole yourself. In other words, you might have had to fit your skills and knowledge into a certain role. You may find yourself working only with certain populations or administering only certain treatments. If your interests are more specialized and you have interests in the nursing field that you would like to explore, you need to consider advancing to the PhD level.

Explore Your Interests with PhD Nursing Programs

When it comes to improving your career as a nurse, you need to first consider what you want. In other words, don’t make the mistake of trying to find the position that will offer you the most money. When you decided to become a nurse in the first place it may have had nothing to do with the salary. As a nurse you can easily make enough money to support yourself and live comfortably but this is because nursing is an essential field and those who perform this job must have some incentive to stay in the profession.