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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania RN Programs

RN Programs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There are a couple routes that an individual can take in order to become an RN in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Becoming a registered nurse requires one to have at least a two-year nursing degree from a board-approved program.

ADN vs. BSN Programs

An individual can become an RN in Philadelphia after completing either an associate's or a bachelor's degree. An ADN can be earned in around two years and a BSN in around four years, if the student is enrolled full-time.

Portland, Oregon RN Programs

RN Programs in Portland, Oregon

There are many different RN programs in Portland for those wishing to pursue a career in nursing. These programs vary, so it is important to research the options before choosing one. Graduates of RN programs must pass the NCLEX-RN before becoming eligible for licensure.

Cincinnati, Ohio RN Programs

RN Programs in Cincinnati Ohio

There are many RN programs in Cincinnati, Ohio for those interested in a career in healthcare. These are available in associate's and bachelor's degree programs, and are offered both online and on campus

. Students should evaluate the options and choose the best fit.

Charlotte, North Carolina RN Programs

RN Programs in Charlotte, North Carolina

Those who are interested in RN programs in Charlotte, North Carolina have many options to choose from. There is variation between programs, so it is important to evaluate the options and pick the best one.

ADN vs. BSN Programs

The first decision to make when applying for RN programs in Charlotte is whether to enter an associate's or bachelor's degree program. Both of these degrees qualify one to practice as a registered nurse, but there are differences.