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Meet the Demand with an Online Nursing PhD

It is now possible for qualified individuals to get an online nursing PhD from some online universities and colleges. This means that for the first time it is possible to get one of the most advanced degrees in nursing from the comfort of your own home. While there are some restrictions as to who can enroll in these classes, it is an exciting opportunity for qualified nurses everywhere. It is no secret that the amount of money that a nurse can expect to make in a year is dependent on both their level of education and the amount of experience that they have.

Most nurses do not get into the profession because of the money but rather for the chance to be of real help to the people that need it the most. There is good money to be made by nurses that attain an advanced degree. A nurse practitioner can make upwards of 100,000 dollars a year in some settings. These nurses also play a vital role in family clinics and in hospitals. Getting an online nursing PhD is an important step towards really moving a nursing career forward. Many nurses are interested in furthering their education, but sometimes a busy schedule can make that very difficult.

One of the single greatest benefits to online schooling is the flexibility of the schedule. This allows a busy working adult to attend classes at a time that fits into their hectic life rather than having to rearrange everything for the demands of a class. In some cases it may be more affordable to get an online nursing PhD than by attending a traditional school. Not needing to commute to school on a regular basis is a definite plus. With more people realizing the benefits associated with online classes it is no wonder that they are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Unfortunately there is no way to take every aspect of a nursing education online. The clinical or laboratory portions must still be taken in a traditional environment. This is a small concession when it comes to getting an online nursing PhD. With so much of the schooling available on the individual’s home computer, the chances to advance both professionally and personally are within the reach of any person that qualifies to take these classes. With a world of opportunities awaiting a nurse with such an advanced degree, it is no wonder that these classes are gaining ground in the nursing industry.