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An Introduction to Bachelor Degree in Nursing Programs

A career in nursing is the largest growing occupation in the healthcare field. For any person considering a nursing career, it can be a tad confusing as they may not know exactly where to start. Before making the decision to start a nursing bachelor degree program a person should understand the job descriptions for nurses. One of the main jobs of a nurse is to treat and care for people from all walks of life. Patients will be from every race, sexual orientation and age so it is important for a nurse to be compassionate to all people.

There are certain requirements a person needs to obtain before starting a nursing bachelor degree program. The first thing is either a high school diploma or a general education diploma equivalent. Although there is nothing set in stone, a person can also take classes in communications or the life sciences while in high school to help them prepare. Although knowing a second language is not mandatory, with the diversity of culture in the country by taking a class or two in Spanish, this will only help you when it comes to communicating with patients that speak that language. Nurses work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, community health clinics, and even schools. There is a growing need for nurses in every aspect of healthcare.

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is something many people choose to become first. A student will only have to go to school for a year in order to become an LPN. If a person gets their practical nursing license they can enter a transition program and earn their Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) although being an LPN before hand is not required. The Associate’s usually takes about two years to complete without a practical nursing license. A nursing bachelor degree program usually takes four years to complete without any other licenses.

A nursing bachelor degree program will only open up more opportunities for nurses. With a nursing bachelor degree they can advance in their career and enter into advanced nursing education programs which will allow them to specialize in certain areas of healthcare. A nursing career is definitely a great career choice. This is one career that will only continue to grow into the future, so there will always be a need for people that are compassionate and understanding and that care for others. Now is the time to prepare for a career that will prove to be rewarding not only emotionally but financially.