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How Do You Become a Pediatric Nurse?

Before you start nursing school, you may already have in mind that you want to be a pediatric nurse. If that is the case, then you need to know everything that you need to do in order to work as a pediatric nurse. First and foremost, you have to graduate with a degree in nursing. This can be an associate or bachelor degree. It does not matter as long as you pass your RN certification tests. Once you become an RN, you are well on your way to becoming a pediatric nurse.

The next step to becoming a pediatric nurse is to find a nursing job. It can either be in a doctor’s office, clinic, school or hospital – it does not matter. You just need to be sure you are working as a nurse so you are already building up your work experience. Also, already having a job as a nurse in a doctor’s office or clinic will enable you to work with pediatrics so you can get a taste for the career field before you seek specialization certification. It is good hands on experience to prepare you for your future nursing job.

After you have gotten a nursing job, you need to find a pediatric nursing specialty program. There are hospitals that offer these programs as well as colleges. The program length varies depending on who you take it with, but it is designed for working nurses so your class schedule will fit around your working schedule quite well. It is really nice if you are already working at the hospital where you are taking the pediatric nursing specialty classes because they will know your work schedule and your supervisor will know your class schedule – this way, you are guaranteed that your work and class schedules do not overlap. After you take the classes, you will have to pass the certification test in order to become a pediatric nurse.

That is the only way that you can become a pediatric nurse. It is a very rewarding field of nursing to go into though, so it is worth the time and effort it will take in order to earn the specialty certification. It is a nursing field that you should only seek out if you love and enjoy working with children. If you do not have the patience to work with children, you should seek out another nursing specialty to acquire.