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Holistic medicine is growing in popularity

Holistic medicine is a health care option that is growing in popularity as the population seeks an alternative to health care that doesn’t involve scores of drug combinations and multiple diagnostic tests. Holistic medicine treats the patient as a whole instead of just focusing on a solitary symptom. The goal of holistic medicine is to treat the patient by addressing the social, physical and psychological needs of the patient. An integral part of holistic health care and the holistic health care team is the holistic health nurse.

A holistic nurse is a registered nurse that has received additional training in alternative healing techniques. To become a registered nurse, they need to complete a four year bachelor of science degree in nursing. They must also pass state and national certification exams. Holistic nurses take additional training in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, biology based practices, alternative healing techniques and nursing ethics. A majority of holistic nurses get certification from the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation. Holistic nurses undergo continuing education and continually update their education and certification.

Holistic care treats illnesses and injuries differently than traditional medicine. Holistic medicine treats the individual as a whole and not a certain symptom or condition. Holistic health care providers look beyond the symptom to focus on the cause of the issue and how it is related to the lifestyle of the patient. They educate patients on the importance of being self-aware and about the need for self-responsibly, self-checks and health promotion and prevention. To treat illnesses and injuries, holistic nurses employ a variety of methods. Some of these options include biofeedback, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, light therapy and aromatherapy. Holistic nurses strive to heal the patient mind, body and soul and work to reach the goals of each individual patient.

Holistic health care nurses are predicted to have a good job future and for there to be continued growth in that career field. Because of an increased focus from the general public on natural means of health care, holistic nursing is projected to see a large increase in the positions needed. An estimate growth of 23 percent is expected in holistic health care by 2016. The average annual salary for a holistic health nurse averages $45,000 but that does vary based on location, benefits and experience. A career as a holistic health care nurse is generally a good fit for people who tend to look at things differently and have an interest in how the body works together as a whole.