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Getting a BSN Degree Online

Entry level positions in the profession of nursing include nurse assistants, licensed practical nurses (LPN), licensed vocational nurses (LVN), and registered nurses (RN). Each of these positions requires training and certification or licensing exams. In order to take the RN licensing exam, potential nurses must have one of three things: an associate’s degree in nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), or a diploma from an approved nursing school. Although the nursing field can be entered with lesser degrees, online BSN degrees provide a solid background of preparation for beginning nurses. A bachelor’s degree is by nature more well-rounded, including substantial nursing courses balanced by liberal arts coursework.

The duties of a nurse are diverse. Patient contact is highly important, so the more personable, knowledgeable and communicative nurses are the better they can do their jobs. The liberal arts courses in online BSN degrees help to promote growth socially, intellectually and culturally in the nursing student. In contrast to the associate’s degree curriculum, the coursework for a bachelor’s degree in nursing often includes more health care management and systems classes. These courses prepare registered nurses to manage groups of other nurses or nurse assistants. Leadership qualities learned help to prepare graduates for further job openings, promotions and higher income levels.

Online BSN degrees are offered through online schools, traditional colleges, universities and nursing schools. Not very long ago these programs once fairly rare are now very common. The most important thing to look for is whether or not the school is accredited by an approved organization. Degrees from unaccredited schools may not be recognized and/or the credits may not count toward any advanced degrees such as an MSN, DNP or PhD that the nurse might wish to work towards in the future. Accreditation ensures a standard level of educational quality so employing organizations can trust the credentials of potential nursing hires.

The second consideration is the format that the instruction comes in. Some online BSN degrees are completed entirely online. Some programs require a visit to a campus periodically. Other programs are actually hybrid programs, where some of the coursework is done online and some is done on site. In choosing the appropriate program, students should consider their schedule, learning style and motivation level. Thoroughly investigate the programs you are considering. Nursing education is an investment in your future career and should be chosen very wisely. Choosing a quality online program does not mean that it has to break the bank. Online programs can be very reasonable financially because of a lack of overhead costs.