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Landing a Nursing Job: Resources for Getting a Nursing Job

After a nursing student graduates from nursing school, the job search will begin. For some students, the search will begin before graduating from nursing school. There are many great resources that can be used for landing an excellent job in a desired specialty field. It is important to be prepared with a resume and cover letter before a job search begins, because if the perfect opportunity presents itself, it would not be wise to let that opportunity pass by not having a resume and a cover letter available. The key to finding a successful nursing career is a good nursing education and preparation.

Online Nursing Career Resources

There are several great websites that offer nurse jobs for those looking for a career in the nursing industry. Some of the websites offer jobs in niche or specialty nursing fields, but others are general and list all types of nursing occupations and positions. There are also quite a few resources that can help navigate through the different types of nursing positions that one could apply for and what type of degree or license is required for each type.

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons – A nursing career in the Federal Prison system providing nursing care to the nation’s inmates across the country.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: This is a great resource that gives career descriptions, qualifications, employment outlook and salary information for jobs in the nursing industry.
  • California State Personnel Board: A nursing job board that has listings for employment across the state of California for nurses. This is a wonderful resource for nurses in California as well as those who are looking to relocate to the state.
  • Washington DC Veterans Association (VA) Medical Job Board: Job board that indicates job openings for nurses wishing to work with the VA in Washington DC on a national level.
  • Illinois Center for Nursing: Nursing resources for those who live in Illinois or are looking to find employment as a nurse in Illinois. They offer employment resources as well as information on the qualifications required to become specialty nurses in Illinois.
  • Indian Health Services: A resource for those interested in working as a nurse in medical facilities on Indian Reservations. There are many employment opportunities available through this organization.
  • Nursing Careers in Michigan: A resource for nurses who wish to find employment as a nursing home administrator in Michigan.
  • Virginia Public Health Nursing: Opportunities available in the public health care system in Virginia are listed on this site. Positions ranging from nursing assistants to Nursing Manager. Most positions require at minimum an RN license with the exception of the assistant positions.

Nursing Associations

Nursing associations are great tools for those who are looking at entering a nursing career. They can often provide networking opportunities along with a host of education pathways. It is a good idea for those who are beginning a nursing career to align themselves with a nursing association that encompasses their nursing specialty. Those who belong to an association typically receive benefits and valuable tools towards continuing to keep nursing functioning at a high level.

  • National League for Nursing: This association provides resources for students as well as nursing professionals, and strives to be a leader in the nursing industry providing leadership and
  • National Council of State Boards of Nursing: An organization that streamlines nursing programs for the entire nation. They are responsible for developing the state nursing exams required for receiving state nursing licensing.
  • National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists: This association is a great resource for clinical nurse specialists. They provide educational opportunities as well as conferences to keep clinical nurses up to date on the latest nursing trends. They also have a career board that includes listing for employment opportunities available.
  • American Association of Nurse Anesthetists: A specialized association for nursing anesthetists. They offer resources for those interested in becoming this type of specialized nurse as well as continuing education for those in this field already. They have been an instrumental organization in developing nursing certifications for this specialized area of nursing.
  • American College of Nurse Midwives: This organization is the oldest women’s healthcare organization in the United States. They offer professional resources and education opportunities for the nurse midwives including certification.
  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners: A group dedicated to networking and advocating for nurse practitioners. They represent the interest of nurse practitioners in the US. They are the largest nurse practitioner professional membership organization.
  • American Society of Registered Nurses: A group of registered nurses who are interested in creating a community for these nurses to group together with common goals and interests to make nursing better.

Qualified Professionals

The nursing field has a high demand for qualified professionals. Seeking out the best fit for both qualified nursing professionals and employers can be achieved by assessing each individual opportunity. There are many positions open to both qualified specialists as well as general registered nurses. It is important to narrow down the specialty field, if any, and if working for the public or private health system is desired. Once this has been determined, it will be easier to search for fitting employment opportunities.


It may be wise to gain experience by interning or volunteering within the field of nursing that is desired for employment. Having some type of experience, even if it is entry level, in the field that one is applying for, gives an advantage to that employee. Volunteer opportunities are usually available to students that are in nursing schools. Sometimes credit for school can be given for certain volunteer assignments. This can also acquaint the student with the field that they are interested in and provide a realistic view of what it would be like to work day to day. Many students enrolled in an RN program or LPN program find value in these opportunities and make lasting relationships with professionals while they are learning about nursing. Some nursing students find permanent employment through their internships or volunteer positions, and they are hired directly after receiving their license.