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In the United States most career fields require a university level degree. These can range from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s to a master’s to a doctorate level degree. Because of the prevalence of the internet, the phenomenon of the online degree program has arisen and taken hold. Thousands of students are interacting in online programs which will result in the earning of a degree. In the field of nursing, there are currently multiple degree opportunities. Every position in the nursing field is required to have a certification or license of some type. It is a highly regulated career path. The state government has jurisdiction over the industry of nursing, but there are accepted national standards. The online BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) is considered the midline nursing program that is offered.

Three to six month training programs for nursing assistants and orderlies can get you into the health care industry very quickly but you will be at the bottom of the pile as far as nursing advancement goes. A nine to eighteen month program online can prepare you to be a licensed practical/vocational nurse. These are nurses who do basic work with patients, such as taking vitals, dispensing medications, or lifting them from one place to another. The Associate’s degree in nursing usually takes about two years and prepares students to take the RN (registered nurse) licensing exam. RN’s can make good money and hold positions in all types of healthcare facilities like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices and more. An online BSN may also lead to RN licensing however nurses with this degree have more healthcare management courses and are therefore qualified to manage other registered nurses.

The next step up from the online BSN is the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. Currently the MSN degree qualifies graduates to take the Advanced Practice Nurse licensing exam. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing recently stated that advanced practice nursing licensing will require a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree by the year 2015. Many online schools are beginning to phase out their MSN programs in these areas in favor of the DNP. Many institutions are offering online BSN to DNP degree programs effectively skipping from the bachelor degree level to the doctorate degree level.

Online BSN degrees are also offered in an accelerated format to people who have a bachelor’s degree in another area and are looking to change into a nursing career. These intensified programs allow those with little to no prior nursing experience to qualify as an RN very quickly.