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What are Tasks and Responsibilities of a Registered Nurse?

There is no single comprehensive list of all of the duties that a registered nurse can expect to perform during his or her career. This is because nurses are often on the front lines when it comes to providing high-quality medical care to patients. The simplest way to explain the responsibilities of a registered nurse is that they are tasked with providing high-quality care in a wide variety of environments and situations. Of course, that is a fairly vague definition of what a nurse does but the actual duties of a nurse will depend greatly on where she is employed and the level of experience that she has.

One of the primary responsibilities of a registered nurse is that of a caregiver. Nurses often spend more time with patients than doctors do which means that they are directly involved in providing for the care and comfort of individuals. They are expected to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas and to be sensitive to the concerns of their patients. A registered nurse will also act as a teacher by providing information to patients and coworkers. They interpret the information provided by the doctor so that it is understandable to patients.

A registered nurse will also act as a counselor by helping clients recognize, pinpoint and cope with a wide variety of illnesses and even psychological problems. They provide psychological, intellectual and emotional support to patients. A registered nurse will also act as an advocate for patients by ensuring that all of their needs are met and by acting as an intermediary between patients and physicians. Registered nurses are also directly involved in monitoring the care of patients, managing staff and developing plans and programs for hospitals, clinics and even patient care.

Many registered nurses choose to get certified in certain specialties. This allows them to earn a higher wage while also making them responsible for even more aspects of patient care. Nurses are often involved in educating the public regarding infectious illnesses and can become specialized in everything from anesthesia to oncology. Additionally, nurses who work in hospital environments may have even more responsibilities than those that work in private clinics or doctors' offices. The job of a registered nurse is not necessarily an easy one but it can be one of the most rewarding occupations out there and is an excellent way for an individual to earn a good salary.