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Travel Nurse Jobs

Not all nurses have the desire to stay in the same location in their career for the duration but instead want to be able to move around and see different place. For these people, becoming a travel nurse may be the career path for them. A travel nurse is a registered nurse that moves from hospital to hospital, or other health care office, helping out when needed on a contract basis. There are many benefits to being a travel nurse for those that choose to go this career path.

One of the draws of working as a travel nurse is the ability to work in locations all across the United States. A travel nurse can be stationed at just about any hospital in the fifty states. Travel nurses also have the most control of their work schedule. These nurses get to decide when and where they want to work, if they want to work at that time at all. Because travel nurses work on a contract basis, they can turn down any offered assignment if they want to have a month off to be with their family or to take a vacation. Also, if they wanted to spend the winter months in a warmer, southern location they can easily arrange that to.

Travel nurses are usually compensated better than the nurses that work in a traditional health care setting. They are also offered sign on and completion bonuses. Travel nurses are usually offered free housing on most assignments so that is cost they do not have to worry about and it adds to their salary. Another perk is travel nurses get to try out a location before making a permanent move there and because they work in so many locations it is a boost to their resume if they ever decide to look for a permanent job in a traditional setting. There are some downsides to be a travel nurse, like being away from family and friends while on assignments if they are unable to travel with the nurse.

To become a travel nurse, one must have the same education as a traditional registered nurse. This is a bachelor’s degree in nursing and to take a state certification exam. After deciding to become a travel nurse, the applicant signs on with a contract or staffing agency that specializes in offering positions for traveling nurses. The agency alerts their clients to any open positions and the nurse can decide which ones they want to take.