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RN Hospital Duties

A registered nurse is one of the most common health care positions that a patient will encounter. Registered nurses work in doctor’s offices, urgent care clinics, health departments and all of the departments in a hospital. These health care professionals have a wide range of duties that they will have to perform during a regular work day. Nurses are responsible for everything from administering medication to conducting follow up interviews with patients before they leave the hospital to make sure they are clear on the treatment orders. The registered nurse is often the first face a patient sees upon admittance to a hospital and will be with that patient for a good portion of their stay in the hospital.

The most basic definition of a register nurse’s duties boils down to the fact that a registered nurse treats and cares for patients. They also provide education on different medical condition their patients may suffer from and also on different health concerns that could affect the public. Registered nurses are also responsible for maintaining patient records including their symptoms and medical histories. They will sometimes help with any diagnostic tests and help record and interpret the results, administer any needed medications and follow through with other prescribed treatments and arrange for follow up care and education for the patient.

Registered nurses are often responsible for the care plan for a patient when they are in the hospital. The nurse gives medication while checking to make sure that there will be no interactions with other medicine the patient is taking. They also start and maintain IVs and administer any other treatments ordered by the patient’s physician. The registered nurse is frequently the one person that has the most contact with a patient during the day and will monitor the patient for any changes in behavior, to see if the care plan is working or if any other changes are needed to make it better for the patient. The RN also coordinates with other health care professionals in the hospital on the care plan for the patient to make sure they get the best care possible.

A registered nurse is a source of information for patients and their families and other members of the community who are not receiving care from the hospital. For patients they thoroughly explain any after care plans the doctor has set up for them. Some registered nurses educate the public on diseases and disorders though health fairs or community forums. They might help out at public health screenings, blood drives or similar events.