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Nurses with a Master's Degree

Countless individuals decide to become a nurse each day. They are driven by their need to help their fellow man and likely because of the relative job security that comes from working in the health care field. Being a nurse requires years of education and hands-on training to be qualified to work in the field. Students finishing school generally have no problem finding a job because of the need for them. Individuals who already have their degree but are looking for work can usually find jobs just as quickly as those just finishing their education.

To become a registered nurse, the minimum degree that is needed is a bachelor of science in nursing. This can be acquired from a four-year university or by first getting an associate’s degree and then returning to a four-year university while working. There are some programs still offered through hospitals that offer a nursing diploma and will allow the student to get a job at the hospital they completed the program at. These diploma programs are decreasing in popularity as nursing students desire to have the flexibility to work in other health care centers if they want to do that. If someone has this degree and has passed their state certification exam, they can find work as a nurse rather quickly.

There are higher degrees in nursing that are available for people that want them. Nurses can return to school to get their master’s degree or their doctorate degree in nursing or a specialty of nursing. The nurses who pursue these degrees are wanting to advance their career. While nurses can continue in their position as a registered nurse with a higher degree, they are usually more qualified than their counterparts and are better educated and trained to start a career as a nurse practitioner or an administrator or lead nurse on the floor.

It takes someone two to three years to complete their master’s or doctorate course work if they continually take the classes instead of taking breaks between semesters. This can be hard for some people to do if they are already working and have a family to care for and be involved in. For people who get their master’s degree or a doctorate degree in nursing, it is normally easy to find a job after graduation. There is a high need for workers in the health care world but it can be harder to find a job in a higher level administrative because there are not as many positions to be filled and the turnover is lower.