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Nurse Practitioner Resume Tips

After completing the classes and training, the next step to finding a job as a nurse practitioner is to complete a resume that will grab the attention of any human resources personnel. The resume should include all the pertinent information regarding school completed, training that has been done and any job experience that has prepared the applicant to be a nurse practitioner.

When getting started on a resume to apply for a nurse practitioners job, it is important to take the time to gather and list all the information that should be contained in the document. This includes education, previous job experience, volunteer work, community involvement, an additional training beyond the initial education, any foreign language skills, hobbies or skills that could prove beneficial to the job and any future career goals. This information needs to be arranged so that it flows smoothly on the page and that it keeps the reader interested and it gets the point across that the applicant is a talented, professional that is right for the job.

Start the resume off with any contact information, such as name, telephone and email address followed by the career objective. It should be descriptive and tailored to the job and company or firm that the resume will be sent to. Sending out a form resume that does not include information directed to the vacant position will not be successful in most job searches. After the objective, the applicant needs to list their past education and job history, starting with the most recent first. If the applicant is returning to the workforce after an extended break it may be in their best interest to list the number of years at previous jobs instead of the years so that their experience will show instead of the fact it has been a few years since they have worked in the field.

Following those details, the applicant can include their additional training, any academic articles or reports that have been published, any volunteer or community work especially if it relates to be a licensed practical nurse and hobbies and interest. These help give a better overall picture of the applicant and can distinguish them from the rest of the pack. The next component is the references. These can be included at the time of application or the applicant can choose to leave them off with a note that they can be provided on request. It may be better to include them so the employer can contact them prior to an interview.