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Nurse PhD Program

The highest level of education a nurse can receive is a PhD degree in nursing. This degree is usually pursued by people who have made nursing their lifelong career and have dedicated their lives to the profession. They have a desire to learn all there is to know about nursing and want to reach that highest level of education. Nurses with a PhD degree generally work as an administrator, professor or lead a large group of nurses. They rarely work as a floor nurses anymore because their qualifications have opened doors to higher level positions for them. Because the career paths that are opened by PhD degrees are higher level, more demanding careers, the requirements to enter and obtain a PhD are higher and more stringent that with other degrees.

The requirements to enter a PhD program vary from college to college but the requirements are generally within the same range of each other. To enter a PhD program in nursing, the student must have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in nursing from accredited universities. They must have a cumulative graduate grade point average that usually a 3.2 or higher when a 4.0 equals an A. Students must also submit their GRE scores and complete a personal interview with an admissions officer. Some schools require that students show their proficiency in English and have completed certain master’s level prerequisites.

There are other requirements that students have to meet depending on the individual school. Schools usually ask that students submit a variety of information to show a complete picture of their background. For example, students could have to submit their current nurse licensure, an essay detailing their goals for the PhD program and for their career as a nurse, a curriculum vitae, scholarly papers that the student is the only author on, letters of reference from people in their field and transcripts of all their previous college work; both undergraduate and graduate classes.

Usually the candidates for a nursing PhD program fall in the top ten percent of their graduate program. Of the students that apply, a small portion of those are accepted into the PhD program. To be accepted into a program to receive a PhD in nursing, students need to prepare for the task by studying intently in their master’s level classes and preparing for the upper level course work. They should take on any scholarly pursuits if possible to build a better educational portfolio that will be attractive to potential schools.