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Nurse Anesthetist Salary

A nurse anesthetist is one of the most sought after positions in the nursing world. A nurse anesthetist assists the anesthesiologist to administer anesthesia to a patient during surgery or a diagnostic testing where they need to be sedated during the process. A nurse anesthetist helps monitor the patient to make sure their vital signs are stable and that no adverse reactions occur during the procedure. The nurse anesthetist has a high level of pressure for their job but is one of the highest compensated nurses for their work.

The nationwide average in the United States for a nurse anesthetist is $154,188. The lower end of the salary range for less experienced nurse anesthetists runs from $135,418 to $144,279. The mid-range salary estimates are $144,280 to $164,911. The highest range of salary for a nurse anesthetist is $164,912 to $174,674. The highest end of the salary range usually includes the highest qualified nurse anesthetists or those that have been in the field the longest. Even if a nurse anesthetist falls in the lower end of the salary range, it is still significantly higher than a good portion of the jobs available today.

There are quite a few factors that could have an effect on what the actual salary is for a nurse anesthetist. A nurse’s geographic location will be one of the biggest deciding factors. Nurses who live in larger, more metropolitan areas will more than likely receive a higher salary than a nurse from a smaller, more rural town. Other factors include employer, education, training and specialties. Nurse anesthetists generally work in hospitals or pain clinics and each place has a different pay scale for what they are willing to spend on a nurse anesthetist. However, self-employed nurse anesthetists that work on a contract basis do get paid more than those that work for a hospital or doctor’s office. Also, the more education and work experience a nurse has or any area of specialty they have will result in a higher paycheck for them.

To become a nurse anesthetist, the nurse must first get their bachelor’s degree in nursing. If they know they are going into the nurse anesthetist field, it would be a good idea to start specializing in those classes at that time. After that, they need to attend graduate school and get their master’s degree or doctorate degree in specialized courses to become a nurse anesthetist. After they receive their degrees, nurses must pass a licensing exam to become eligible for work in the health care field.