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Navy Nurse

For some people the desire to help people and the desire to serve their country are equally strong. One career option for these individuals is to work in health care in one of the United States military branches. Becoming a nurse in the United States Navy is a popular options for those called to serve their fellow man and their country. Being a nurse in the Navy comes with good benefits and options to continue in health care or the military after the initial enlistment.

To be eligible for active duty in the United States Navy Nurse Corps, the applying nurse must be a United States citizen or a foreign citizen with a current license to practice as a nurse in the U.S. They must also be a student or a graduate in good standing from a U.S. education program that awards an accredited bachelor of science nursing degree. They must be licensed to practice in the United States, U.S territory, Puerto Rico, or District of Columbia. A new graduate must get their license within one year of graduating from their university or college. They must also be willing to serve in active duty with the U.S Navy, be between 18 and 41 years old and be able to pass a physical examination.

After becoming a nurse with the US Navy, the individual will serve in one of many fields and will be exposed to a number of opportunities that they might not be able to experience otherwise. They could be stationed within the United States or they could receive an overseas deployment, which could or could not be in an active military zone depending on the political and world situations at the time. There is also the possibility the Navy Nurse Corp could also be deployed to help out with different humanitarian aid situations or with any natural disasters that happen. There are over 250 Navy and medical facilities around the world where members of the Navy Nurse Corp can work with other military professionals and civilian medical personnel.

The Navy offers different education benefits for people who intend to enlist in the Navy as a nurse. For high school students, the Navy will cover the cost of college, up to $180,000, for them to complete their nursing degree. They will have no active military or training obligation until after their graduation from college. Nursing students already in their program may be eligible for monthly stipends to help defray the cost of their education until graduation.