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How to Write a Resume for a CNA Position

For many individuals the most difficult part of applying for a job involves writing a professional looking resume. Because a resume is the first impression that a person is going to make on a potential employer, it is absolutely vital that it be informative and well put together. An employer will use a resume to determine the qualifications of an applicant and decide whether or not they are a good fit for their particular organization. Writing a good resume is one of the most important parts of finding employment in applying for a CNA position is no exception.

Regardless of whether an individual is applying for a top position at a Fortune 500 company or for an entry-level position at a small local business, they should settle for nothing less than a well thought out and professional looking document. A resume should be a professional reflection of the individual that is applying for a position. The goal of a resume should be to help the individual stand out from any other potential candidates. The first step then is to gather up any documents or certificates that an individual may have in order to ensure that they are included in the final product.

Aside from providing some basic information regarding the candidate, a resume should also reflect the applicant's career plan while also establishing why they are a good fit for the organization that they are applying to. Basically, an individual should try to convey exactly why they are the right candidate for the CNA position that they are applying for. This may involve mentioning the exact position that is being applied for and clearly pointing out why their particular set of skills is the right match. Experience is often a key factor when it comes to hiring applicants an individual should not neglect any part of their work history.

Aside from providing information regarding education and work history, an important part of any resume is a solid cover letter. When writing a cover letter it is crucial that an individual not rely on a form letter that they send out to every employer. Tailoring the cover letter to a specific employer is an excellent way to show that the applicant has taken the time to really consider the qualifications that an employer is looking for. It is also difficult to overstate the importance of proper spelling and grammar in a cover letter. Read and reread to ensure that there are no mistakes.