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How Much Money Do Traveling Nurses Make?

A traveling nurse is a type of nurse who travels all over the country to fill in at hospitals where there is a nursing shortfall. The length of time a nurse will be in one place will vary and the nurse never really knows where they are going next. By being a traveling nurse, nurses have the opportunity to travel and see different places all over the county and get paid to do it. A nurse will have to be motivated and like to travel to be able to make it as a traveling nurse.

On average, most traveling nurses are either Registered Nurses, or RNs, or they are Licensed Practical Nurses, or LPNs. Each nurse will be paid according to their schooling, their experience and where they are working at each time. For the nurse who is highly specialized, such as being a cardiac nurse or a pediatric nurse, the pay can also increase some due to the specialized nature of the work they are doing. When a traveling nurse is sought, a contract is drawn up and the terms and payments for each contract will all be laid out. The nurse will have to agree to those terms before any work will be done.

The average amount of pay for a traveling LPN will be in the nature of $28 per hour. This pay is higher than a traditional LPN because a traveling nurse is willing going to a facility where they have a shortfall of nurses. Hospitals and facilities are willing to pay a bit more to get these nurses out there and keep them around for a bit. For the traveling RN, the average pay comes in at around $40 per hour. This pay rate is also a bit higher than a traditional RN due to the traveling nature of the job.

In the field of nursing, there are many opportunities for a nurse to branch out and find exactly what their calling is. If traveling is a passion, the traveling nurse field may be for them. They have the opportunity to travel all around the country, work with different people and at different facilities and make a good living doing it. The pay for being a traveling nurse will vary some due to where they are working in the country, what department they are filling in at and how long they will be working where they have traveled to.