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How Much Does a RN Nurse Get Paid

The field of nursing is a demanding but yet very rewarding career field. The field has been growing constantly for many years and does not look like that trend will be changing any time soon. There are different levels of nursing and the biggest difference between all of the levels is the amount of schooling each nurse has. The Registered Nurse, more commonly referred to as a RN, is the most common type of nurse. To become a RN, there are three paths a nursing student can take.

The first path is to enroll directly into a nursing program. The end result will be a certification and the title of Registered Nurse. The second route a nursing student can take to become a Registered Nurse is to enroll in a community college and complete a two year program. The final course of action to take is to enroll in a university and complete a four year program. The preferred course of action to take is the four year degree. Many employers will prefer this of their nurses. The course chosen by the nursing student can determine the amount of money the student will make once they begin working.

The field of nursing is based on schooling as well as experience. The more schooling a nurse has, the more pay that can be expected. More experience can also mean more pay. On average, a Registered Nurse can expect to make between $22 and $32 an hour. For a salary, this comes to be somewhere between $46,000 and $67,000 a year. These numbers are an average based on the country as a whole. Other factors will come in to play when it comes to determining pay rates. Location is a huge factor in this area.

For a Registered Nurse working in a large city and in a facility that is very busy, the pay can be somewhat above the average pay. For a Registered Nurse living and working in a small town that does not have many residents, the pay will be somewhat below the national average. Nursing is a field that is highly sought after and can pay very well. By keeping current with skills and abilities as well as gaining valuable work experience, a good paycheck can be expected. There are always opportunities for nurses to advance and continue their education and many nurses seize those opportunities every time they can.