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How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Earn Per Year

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with special training providing health care. A nurse practitioner can even perform some tasks that a physician can perform. To become a nurse practitioner many years of school is required. Graduate levels of education are required. This schooling will end with a Master’s or a Doctoral degree. With having so much schooling to become a nurse practitioner, the pay for the profession comes with the job. The pay will vary depending on where in the country you practice and what type of facility you work in but the national average states that the average pay for a nurse practitioner falls somewhere between $29 and $40 per hour.

All nurse practitioners will need to take a national exam to become certified in order to obtain a job. If they do not take this exam, they will not be able to get a job. A nurse practitioner who only has this certification will fall in the ranks of the lowest paid earners. Nurse practitioners who have done post graduate work and have a certification from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners tend to earn more than those who do not have this certification.

According to statistics, nurse practitioners from Washington State, Florida, California and Massachusetts earn more than $35 per hour. The lowest paid nurse practitioners by state are from the state of Kentucky making approximately $26 per hour. States that fall in the middle range for nurse practitioners are from Texas and Ohio and make on average $30 an hour. Nurse practitioners all have the ability to perform the same duties since they go through the same schooling no matter where they live. The pay by state varies due to the economy in that state and the type of facility that the nurse practitioner works in.

Statistics where done by facility that a nurse practitioner works in. The two basic categories are working for the government and working for private companies. Nurse practitioners who work for large private companies tend to make in the range of $37 per hour and nurse practitioners who work for state and local governments tend to earn in the range of $28 per hour. The pay for nurse practitioners will vary due to many factors. Location is a big factor when it comes to pay and the type of facility a nurse practitioner work in is also a large contributing factor.