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How Much Does it Cost to be a CNA?

Becoming a CNA, or certified nursing assistant, is often the first step to even greater options when it comes to finding employment in the healthcare industry. Of course, many individuals find that being a CNA is a rewarding career in and of itself and never find it necessary to pursue any additional education in order to become an LPN or and RN. One of the benefits to becoming a CNA is that it takes less time and less money than it does to earn the qualifications necessary for some of the other nursing positions are available at hospitals and clinics.

An individual that is interested in becoming a CNA must understand that certified nursing assistant training is an absolute requirement. The average program available will last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. The course will generally involve between 120 to 240 hours of training which includes both theoretical studies and practical training. These types of courses will also include some amount of time spent receiving training in a medical facility. Each of these portions of the training is vital when it comes to passing the final test in order to receive the final certification to become a CNA.

Another one of the benefits to becoming a CNA is the fact that there are a wide variety of institutions that offer the necessary training classes. Local hospitals, community colleges and even nursing homes can provide the training necessary for an individual to earn their certification. An individual also has the option to take some online classes if they find that their schedule makes it difficult to attend classes in a traditional campus environment. Of course, it should be understood that is not possible to complete all of the training necessary to become a CNA entirely online.

The cost of becoming a CNA will depend greatly on where an individual receives their training. One of the most popular methods of receiving the training necessary is for an individual to find employment at a nursing facility. Many of these nursing facilities will offer individuals the opportunity to earn their certification after being employed for around six months at no cost. If an individual chooses to take classes at a local community college then they can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$2000 for the classes. Some community colleges may even offer classes for free if an individual meets certain qualification requirements. Becoming a CNA is affordable way to get started in nursing.