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How Much do Surgical Nurses Earn?

Surgical nurses are individuals who have been specially trained to care for patients before, during and after surgical procedures. These highly qualified professionals are determined and compassionate with excellent judgment and highly developed critical thinking skills. Since they must generally work with a team of individuals, they also must possess excellent communication skills. Being a surgical nurse means being able to work well under pressure even if multiple patients need attention at the same time. These nurses can be found in the surgery departments of hospitals and generally fulfill one of three different job descriptions.

Surgical nurses that work directly with surgeons during procedures are known as scrub nurses. There are also circulator nurses who helped to manage operations from outside procedure. Finally, there are RN first assistants who are generally the highest trained members of the nursing staff in an operating room. They are responsible for assisting doctors by cutting, handling tissue, suturing wounds and regulating bleeding. Because surgical nurses have a special skill set it is necessary for an individual to undergo a greater amount of training in order to fill one of these positions, especially when compared to the duties of nurses in so the other parts of a hospital or clinic.

In order to become a surgical nurse an individual must first earn either their bachelor's degree or Associates degree in nursing. There may also be hospital diploma programs available. Once they have passed the examination to become a nurse, an individual interested in becoming a surgical nurse will need to gain surgical experience in a hospital or clinic. Once an individual has received training necessary they will then be certified as a surgical nurse by one of the appropriate organizations like the American Nurses Credentialing Center or the Medical Surgical Nursing Certification Board.

An individual that has all the qualifications and education necessary to find employment as a surgical nurse can expect to earn anywhere from $60,000-$80,000 a year. The salary will be dependent on where a person finds employment since certain parts of the country have lower average wages for these individual than others. The demand for qualified surgical nurses is expected to grow by as much as 22% over the next decade. Nurses who have the experience necessary to qualify for one of these positions are expected to be in high demand throughout the country but especially in inner cities and rural areas that have traditionally been medically underserved.