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How Much is the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Test?

A certified legal nurse is a designation that is given to registered nurses that have obtained the additional skills, training and certification necessary for the license. A certified legal nurse is one who works with legal teams as an expert on medical records. The majority of legal professionals do not have the proper training or the expertise to accurately read and understand medical records. They employ certified legal nurses to help them go through all of the medical records and help them to understand exactly what the medical records are saying.

To become a certified legal nurse consultant, a nurse first needs to become a registered nurse and work as a registered nurse for at least two years. This gives the nurse the hands on experience and the vast background of working in the field that they can bring to the table when working with the legal community. Some nurses who work as certified legal nurse consultants do this part time and still work as a registered nurse to keep their skills and their abilities current. A certification test needs to be taken every 5 years to allow a nurse to continue on as a certified legal nurse consultant.

Once the requirements for becoming a registered nurse and working for at least two years has been completed, a nurse can look in to becoming a certified legal nurse consultant. There will be training involved and these can be done through seminars and lectures. Some schools that offer these courses promote being ready in as little as six days. After the training is adequately finished, the test to become a certified legal nurse consultant can be taken.

The American Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate Board is the body that administers the tests for legal nurse consultants to be certified. Nurses have the option to become members if they so choose so. If they become a member, they will be given a discount on the cost of the test. Most often nurses will become members after they pass the exam the first time. By going that route, the exam will cost $375 for non members. For members who are taking the exam, the cost of the exam would be $275. To keep the certification current, nurses need to take the exam every five years. In addition to taking the exam, they need to meet certain criteria to be allowed to take the exam and keep the certification.