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How Many Years To Become a Nurse?

You have already made the decision to become a nurse. Now, you may be wondering how long it takes to get a nursing degree. Well, that depends on which type of nursing degree you want. There are your basic nursing degrees to become an LPN or RN, but then there are more advanced degrees that allow you to make more money and specialize in different areas of nursing. It is all in what your career goals are for the future.

We will begin with the most basic nursing degrees. One can become an LPN pretty quickly. Most technical schools and community colleges offer accelerated LPN education programs that take less than two years to complete. If you want to go ahead and get your associate’s degree as an RN, you are looking at a minimum of two years, but it could take a little longer depending on how many classes you are able to take each semester. It rarely takes less than two years to get an associate’s degree as an RN, but there may be some accelerated programs out there for students who do not have family or jobs to occupy their time. Because of all the things a nurse must learn for their board exam, it is highly recommended that you take your time in getting you degree though, even if an accelerated program is offered. You can’t afford to mess anything up when it comes to nursing.

If you would rather just start out with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, there are many colleges and universities that offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. These programs are very competitive to get into and you must always maintain a certain GPA in order to remain in the program. The BSN degree usually takes four years to complete, but there are some accelerated programs out there that take as little as three years to complete. Again, those programs are geared more for the students who do not have families or outside jobs to interfere with their educational concentration.

Of course, once you have already gotten a BSN degree, you may want to go on and get a more advanced degree to become a Nurse Practitioner or to specialize in a certain area of nursing like Administration or Neonatal nursing. These advanced degrees can take anywhere from a year and a half to three years to complete, depending on the amount of time you can commit to education each semester. It can be very rewarding though, so if you already have your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you may want to look at continuing your education a little further.