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How Long Does It Take to Become a Pediatric Nurse

In the nursing profession, there are different types of nursing professions that a person can choose. Each different type of nursing profession takes a certain amount of time to complete and each type of nursing selection has different job requirements. In its most generic terms, the longer a nurse goes to school, the more duties a nurse will have. When choosing which nursing direction to take, all types of nurses can specialize in pediatrics. The type of nursing and the school curriculum chosen will determine how long it will take to become a pediatric nurse and what duties a nurse can perform.

One of the routes a pediatric nurse can take is to become an LPN. An LPN is also known as a licensed practical nurse. The schooling for an LPN takes one year to complete. An LPN will be able to perform basic tasks such as taking temperature and other vitals, checking blood pressure and recording other important information. There are nursing programs all over the country that will train people to become an LPN. The criteria to get into this program are very general but the course can be very tough and challenging.

Another route a pediatric nurse can take is to become an RN. An RN is otherwise known as a registered nurse. The program for an RN typically will take two years to complete. To complete this program there will be two options. An RN can either finish with a nursing certificate or an RN can finish with an Associate’s degree in nursing. Which type of degree is obtained depends on the program chosen and depends on the school attended. By the end of the RN program, a registered nurse will be able to perform more specific tasks that an LPN will be able to perform. The schooling will prepare an RN for all of their duties.

The final route that can be chosen for a nurse to become involved with pediatrics is with a four year degree. A Bachelor’s degree in nursing is preferred by most employers and will be the most in depth and challenging of the all of the nursing programs. While in school, the students will be exposed to a wide variety of specialties and by the time schooling is completed, a specialty needs to be chosen. Pediatric nurses choose to work in pediatrics and takes course and classes to specialize in this area.