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How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse

There are many different types of nurses and there are many different fields that these nurses can go into. There are different levels of responsibility for each of these nurses and each nurse has their own level of skills to go with those responsibilities. For someone to become a nurse, they are required to go to school to learn how certain tasks are done. The amount of schooling that is needed will depend on a few different factors. The biggest determining factor is deciding which type of nurse someone wants to be. The higher the level, the more schooling that will be needed.

An entry level type of nurse will either be a CNA, or certified nursing assistant, or an LPN, also known as a licensed practical nurse. Both of these designations take about a year to complete and there are many programs all over the country that are available to students looking to be in these professional designations. The resulting degree would be a nursing certification. A CNA and a LPN can then begin looking for work in medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

The next level of nursing is the registered nurse, more commonly referred to as a RN. The schooling for an RN will take at least two years and can be as much four years. The amount of years it takes will be determined by the program that is chosen. Designated nursing programs take two years because their only focus is on the field of nursing. Colleges and universities can offer both two year degrees and four year degrees. A two year program will earn the student an Associate’s degree in nursing while the four year program will earn the student a Bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The final level of nursing is the nurse practitioner. This designation requires the most amount of schooling and will also require work experience before the additional degree can be acquired. The degree that comes along with nurse practitioner schooling will either be a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree. The program for a nurse practitioner will add an additional two years to schooling but as more schooling is required, more money can be earned. The field of nursing is very vast and there are many opportunities out there. The amount of skills need and the amount of money that can be made depends on the amount of time one wishes to spend going to school.