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How to Get a LPN Job

First, you need to become an LPN. LPN is the acronym for licensed practical nurse. In some locations, the term may be LVN, or licensed vocational nurse. It is the same position, just a slightly different title. Most LPN programs are approximately 12 months from start to finish. You take classes in subjects like the following: anatomy, nursing fundamentals, physiology, mental health, and the way to provide care to various groups like seniors, children, and pregnant women. That training often comes with practical training in a clinical setting also. All of this training prepares the student to sit for the exam and meet the state's licensing requirements.

After going through training, you need to complete the National Council Licensure Examination and get licensure. The NCLEX-PN exam is a requirement in every state. This computerized test offers the student questions on topics like basic care, infection control, pharmacology therapy, risk assessment, and health promotion, among others. After completing the test successfully, students need to apply and obtain a license from the state where they want to have a job. Each state has different requirements. However, usually, they require a potential LPN to pass criminal and backgrounds checks as well as meet education and certification requirements.

After completing the exam, you are ready to get a job. Getting the first job can be tricky. That is a common concern of new LPNs. However, there are ways to make this easier. Many who study to become LPNs start out as CNAs. They go back for their LPN with their employer's consent. Quite often, they have a job waiting when they complete training. Others use the job placement office of their college to get their first job. While going to school, many use internships and work study programs to get needed experience. Perseverance is one way to get the first job.

With experience, you can go further if you choose. Many LPNs choose to obtain special certifications that allow them to work in many different settings. Others choose to further their education and become RNs. Moreover, there are plenty of LPNs who find the work of an LPN is quite rewarding and what they want to do long into the future. The best way to get an LPN job is to take it a step at a time. This allows you to obtain the experience and training that employers want to see on curriculum vitae.