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How to Become a Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is commonly referred to as an RN. There are a few different types of nurses and an RN, or registered nurse, is one of them. A RN is a nurse that has the training and the skills to be able to perform many tasks and they are able to assist when needed. Years of schooling are required to become a registered nurse. Once graduated, registered nurses can work in a few different places. Some of those places are hospitals, emergency rooms, schools, health clinics and doctors’ offices. Where a registered nurse works will depend on the specialty chosen and what career goals they have for themselves.

Before a registered nurse can seek employment, the nurse must go to school. The preparing for school begins in high school. A student wishing to become a registered nurse will need either an Associate’s degree or a Bachelors degree and to get in to college, their grades in high school need to be good enough for the student to be accepted. A good grade point average is crucial. In addition to a good grade point average, a student will need a good background in the areas of math and science. Classes to focus on will be chemistry, biology, algebra and calculus.

The SAT or ACT exam will need to be taken. Colleges will look at these scores in addition to grades from all high school courses taken. The higher the ACT or SAT scores, the better the chances are of getting into the college and nursing program of your choice. After taking the ACT or SAT, begin looking into which colleges you would like to attend. Some of the nursing programs will have certain requirements and some of those requirements will pertain to what specialty you would like to go into.

Decide what type of program you would like to go into. There are two year programs and four year programs. A four year program is preferred by most employers and a more in depth education can be obtained with a four year degree. With either schooling choice, either two or four years, a license will need to be acquired. For a registered nurse to be able to work, every registered nurse needs to take the NCLEX exam which allows them to be licensed and seek employment. The process to become a registered nurse will be long and very demanding but will be worth it in the end.