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How to Become a Pediatric Nurse

Pediatrics is the field of medicine that involves working with children. Pediatrics involves all conditions of children from the very sick and chronically ill to the routine appointment. The nurses who work in this field are a special breed of nurse. Not all nurses have what it takes to be able to work with children as working with children can be very painful and very emotional. The nurses who work with children need to know how to relate to children as working with children is completely different than working with adults. The nurses need to be calm and much more patient.

To become a nurse, nursing school needs to be applied to. The type of school that is applied to will vary depending on the type of nurse the student wants to be. The schooling will range from a one year course all the way up to a four year degree and beyond. Once the nursing program is chosen, a nurse will begin their course of study. Some of the course material will be from a book and the rest will be practical. The nursing students will go on rotations to get a feel for how the field of nursing really works and to make sure this is the field that they really want to be in.

While in nursing school, the majority of the students will choose a specialty to be involved in. One of those specialties is pediatrics. To become more familiar with pediatrics, nurses will go on pediatrics rotations and a get a hands-on, real world feel for the specialty. They will get to work up close with all of the children and all of the care providers. They will get to see how the facility is run and what goes on during a regular day.

To become a pediatric nurse, a nursing student first needs to complete and graduate from nursing school. The student during that schooling needs to spend as much time as possible on a pediatric rotation. Once school is over, the nursing student will then apply for a job and request a position with pediatrics. For some nurses who are not able to find a position right away in pediatrics, they work in a different specialty until a pediatrics position opens up. This way they are working and gaining valuable experience and not wasting time still looking for a possible position to open up somewhere.