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How to Become a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a nurse that has achieved the highest level of schooling and certification that is possible among nurses. To become a nurse practitioner, a nurse needs to be dedicated to their craft and needs to complete many years of schooling. There are a few different ways a nursing student can go to obtain the necessary degree to be a nurse practitioner and which route is taken will depend on the nurse and the career goals of the nurse. Training for nursing typically begins in high school. Not everyone knows what they want to be in high school, but for those who do, they tend to focus on the math and science subjects.

Before a nurse can even consider going on to become a nurse practitioner, the nurse must first be a registered nurse, more commonly known as a RN. To become a registered nurse, 4 years or training will be needed and a Bachelor’s degree is obtained. There are nursing programs that have RN programs that can be done in 2 years but most employers prefer a 4 year degree. In addition to having the degree to be a RN, the nurse needs to have been working as an RN for at least 2 years.

There are many nursing programs all around the country that offer programs for nurse practitioners. Some of the classes can be done online but some will need to be done in a laboratory setting. With so many schools offering training for a nurse practitioner, be sure to do the necessary research to find the program that is right for you. Check over the necessary qualifications to make sure everything is in order before applying. The coursework will usually take about 2 years to complete and when the coursework is finished, a Master’s degree or a Doctorate degree will have been earned depending on the type of schooling that was done.

Becoming a nurse practitioner is a long and challenging process. The process is not a straight forward process where you continually go to school and learn from a book. The process requires periods of working and these periods allow for people to gain the necessary experience. This experience will be crucial especially if the experience is in the specialty that will be chosen. Becoming a nurse practitioner will be tough but it will be rewarding both on the job and in the form of compensation.