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How to Become a Nurse

The field of nursing is vast and is a very rewarding field. To become a nurse, there will be schooling involved. The amount of schooling that is needed will vary according to the type of nurse you want to be, what type of facility you want to work in and what type of specialty you would like to work in. Being a nurse requires a good understanding of the body and of how the body works. Each level of nursing requires a different amount of knowledge to be able to perform the necessary tasks that need to be performed.

The schooling for becoming a nurse really begins in high school. The grades that are achieved in high school will play a big role into which nursing program or college that will accept you. The better your grades, the more programs that will accept you and the better your chances will be of getting into your college of choice. While in high school, focus on math and science. Take biology, chemistry and some advance math courses to get yourself ready for the upper levels. You may have to repeat some of these courses at the college level but you will already have a good understanding of them and will be ready to add on to that knowledge.

Before you can apply to be a nurse, you first need to decide which kind of nurse you want to be. The type of nurse you want to be will determine the program or the school you will be applying to. The entry level nurses are known as a Certified Nursing Assistant, or a CNA, and a Licensed Practical Nurse, or an LPN. Programs for both of these nurses take about a year and there are many schools located all over the country that will provide the education and guidance needed.

The next two levels of nursing are the Registered Nurse and the Nurse Practitioner. Both of these nurses will require a college degree. A Registered Nurse will require a Bachelor’s degree and a Nurse Practitioner will require a Master’s degree. Both programs for these nurses are tough and very demanding. The schooling is long and grueling and is not for everyone. To become a nurse, the decision is both personal and educational. The medical field is not for everyone. For those who think this field is for them, there are many opportunities available and the career field is constantly growing.