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How to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Once you have already become a nurse, you may find that you want to do a little something more with your nursing expertise. Many nurses find that the field of legal nurse consulting is the perfect fit for them. The legal nurse consultant assists lawyers with cases that involve medical details. They are often called upon to give testimony in court cases and to provide their expert opinions on evidence that the lawyers have. Of course, legal nurse consultants also work for insurance companies and other private companies to help their legal departments when it comes to medical cases.

The only way to become a legal nurse consultant is to take a certification course of study. This is not as long as other nursing education programs. First, you must have several years of experience as a nurse before you can qualify to take the legal nurse consulting courses. You can’t be considered an expert in your field if you only have a year or two of nursing experience under your belt. Once you have met the field experience requirement, you will find a legal nurse consulting certification program to apply to.

Once you are in a legal nurse consulting certification program, you will begin learning about legal terminology, various aspects of the judicial process and other things that a legal nurse consultant will need to know in order to do their job effectively. Another thing that you may find helpful to take is a couple of public speaking courses. Nurses have to communication pretty clearly on a regular basis in their jobs, but it is a bit different when having to give a presentation on legal nursing or having to give testimony in a court case. In court cases, your testimony could be what leads the jury to make their decision, so you need to be sure they understand what you say – not just audibly, but that they comprehend the information.

Many legal nurse consultants work on a freelance basis, so work can be difficult to come by unless you have your name out there. This is where networking comes in handy. Of course, most work for specific attorneys or companies so you will have a steady amount of work to keep you busy. Just remember that your job is important and that you need to make sure you do it to the best of your ability – just like when you are working in a medical setting.