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How to Become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

The field of nursing is very broad and there are many different types of nurses as well as many different types of fields that nurses can go in to. The majority of nursing fields will be in a hospital or medical facility where a nurse is performing some sort of medical need. This is not true for the entire field of nurses. Some of them have attained the title of nurse but some do not always perform medical tasks. Some perform tasks on behalf of the medical field but have the experience and background from nursing to allow them to perform in this field.

One such type of nurse is a certified legal nurse consultant. While these nurses are still working nurses with impressive backgrounds, instead of working with patients, these nurses work with the legal field to help them serve their clients with legal matters. Not all nurses can be a certified legal nurse consultant just because they want to. There is schooling and training as well as experience that are needed. Before a nurse can even beginning to think about becoming a certified legal nurse consultant, that nurse needs to be certified as a registered nurse.

To become a registered nurse, the nurse has to obtain a degree. This can be done in one of three ways. There are community colleges that have nursing programs where a nurse will become a registered nurse upon graduation. Colleges and universities also have two year and four year degrees that students can complete and become registered nurses. Which program is chosen depends solely on the needs of the program and of the student. Most employers prefer a 4 year degree and the field of nursing has become highly competitive so going after a 4 year degree is highly encouraged.

Once the nursing degree is obtained, a registered nurse will need to work in the nursing field full time for two years. This allows the nurse to hone their skills and gain much needed experience. Once the two years are fulfilled, a nurse can apply for specialized training in legal nursing consulting. The courses needed to complete this training are not long but they will be very in depth. Most of this work can be done through seminars and lectures and can be done in a very short amount of time. Once completed, a legal nursing consulting position can be applied for.