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Completing Residency for an Online PhD Nursing Program

It is a common misconception that residency programs are just for doctors. Some individuals pursuing online PhD programs for nursing will find that a residency is a requirement for graduation. Many experts feel that nurses are better prepared in their career if they experience certain situations that cannot be learned in a classroom, such as ongoing care for a critically ill patient. Nurses receive better training and more complete education when they have multiple exposures to medical situations and are able to ask questions to a mentor, and a residency is an important part of this process.

For students enrolled in online PhD programs for nursing, a residency program can help ease the transition from the classroom to the medical environment. Many programs include orientation in the hospital as well as nursing classes, followed by orientation in a clinic while working with experienced medical professionals that can act as teachers as mentors. Residency programs encourage communication and critical thinking among the students. Specific areas of education within the residency may include student and faculty presentations, discussions on preparing for the transition into the medical field, immersion learning and lectures from guest medical professionals.

Benefits of a residency for students pursuing online PhD programs for nursing include increased confidence due to a focus on individual development and improving leadership skills. Prior to completion of this program many students do not feel comfortable working one on one with a patient in a medical environment such as a hospital, clinic or a private practice. By achieving the goals and objectives of the residency program, students will feel much more prepared to handle patient care. Another benefit for students that complete a residency in nursing includes a competitive edge over their peers while searching for jobs. Although not all nursing programs require students to complete a residency, those individuals who complete a residency program will have more education and real world experience than other potential job candidates. Many experts consider a residency worth 4-7 years of experience.

Many students who are pursuing online PhD programs for nursing may not feel that a residency is a necessary part of their education. Those who do complete this valuable program will excel in their professional lives. A residency is a structured program that focuses on mentors, coaching and learning and it will enhance a student's relationships with medical professionals and peers.