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Choosing an Online Bachelor Degree in Nursing Program

Nurses have been called God’s hands to the world. Following a noble and compassionate profession, nurses care for the sick and injured. Most nurses enter their careers as registered nurses, or RN’s, having earned an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). The credits for this Associate of Science degree in Nursing can count toward the earning of an online bachelor’s degree in nursing. Online degrees are growing more and more popular as they afford students the flexibility of continuing to work full time and care for their families and their many other commitments. Nursing schedules are often unpredictable due to the nature of shift work and this can make committing to a traditional college setting very difficult.

Online bachelor degree in nursing programs can work in several different ways with varying degrees of flexibility. All programs typically require reading various texts for the class and completing assignments just as students would do if they were in a traditional setting. However, in place of lecture classes on campus, students receive instruction from teachers online. One way this works is through a web seminar in the form of a video chat. The students and teachers interact at scheduled times via the web. The best programs that operate in this way record the sessions in the event that a student is absent. The recorded session is then posted to a secure forum where students may access it later.

The second way the lecture can be presented to the online students is through video recordings that the students can access within their own schedule. This option tends to work best for nursing students because they can keep their current work schedule. Some online bachelor degree in nursing programs, provide straight lectures and others make instructional videos with creative approaches to imparting knowledge to their students. Whichever way is the best for each individual student, the student should research the actual teaching program. Some “online” programs actually require that students spend some time at the campus. Others even market a program as “online” when it is, in reality, a hybrid program with some classes online and some on site.

Finding the right online bachelor degree in nursing is a matter of knowing personal learning styles, ability to self-motivate and the scheduling of commitments outside of school. Any program you choose should be accredited by a recognized accreditation agency. Without appropriate accreditation, all the hard work may be disregarded and the credits will not count toward any advanced degree work a student may wish to pursue at a later time.