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Becoming a More Excellent Nurse

Advancing your knowledge of the science and theory of nursing is a very admirable pursuit. It can move your career forward in the nursing field as well. Higher degree levels can make you eligible for raises within some organizations and may also qualify you for supervisory positions or other promotions. If you are currently unemployed, higher levels of degrees can distinguish your resume from others. Most nurses enter the field with an associate’s degree in nursing and are licensed as a registered nurse. The next logical step up in education levels is to get an online bachelor of nursing degree.

The credits from your associate degree will count toward the online bachelor of nursing degree. The online nature of the degree program provides the flexibility to continue working as a nurse full time. Bachelor programs online go more in-depth into the theory and science of nursing. Associate’s degree curriculum typically focuses on practical applications of nursing by teaching the skills necessary to be a practicing nurse. Degree programs resulting in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree are designed for those individuals that are already licensed registered nurses and are often called RN to BSN programs.

Sample classes from a normal online bachelor of nursing degree might include Foundation in Nursing Informatics, Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning, Concepts of Pathophysiology for Nursing, Nursing Research, Nursing Leadership and Service Learning (sometimes multiple classes, Nursing Management of Complex Health Systems: Individuals and Families, Nursing Management of Complex Health Systems: Populations and Systems, and Systems, Complex Health Issues, and Nursing. These courses have a bent toward the management side of nursing, which is why many nurses who earn their BSN degrees move into nursing management positions. Many schools also require liberal arts credits in addition to the nursing-specific curriculum.

The liberal arts component of an online bachelor of nursing degree program are intended to improve the cultural, social, and intellectual intelligence of the students. These are of benefit to nurses because their jobs are primarily based on contact with patients. Comforting the sick, connecting with them socially and wisely assessing and meeting their needs are all the characteristics of great nurses. A modern misconception of nurses by the general public is that they simply follow doctor’s orders. Nurses have a great deal of influence on the comfort and healing process of their patients. The best nurses help the ill or injured heal properly and quickly, all of the while protecting their dignity. RN to BSN degrees seek to produce a higher level of excellence in the nursing field.