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Are there Online RN Degrees?

There are online RN degrees. The trick to remember with these degree programs is that you will likely need to find a local hospital or clinic willing to offer you the clinical experience you need to complete the degree program. You take classes online with the university of your choice. However, all programs require you to complete a certain number of clinical hours before you can graduate. You will need to locate a local facility willing to allow you to complete those hours with a qualified RN or doctor supervising and signing off on the work. It is a great option for those who already work in the medical profession as they can use their current connections. You can find degree programs that allow LPNs to transition to the role of an RN. These programs do not offer a bachelor's degree, but provides the training necessary for an LPN to obtain their RN license. Most LPN programs offer about 12 months of training. The minimum to get an RN license is getting an associate's degree in nursing (ADN). Your training as an LPN partially fulfills those requirements. You will need to complete additional nursing classes as well as classes in general education topics. Most programs require you to complete a certain number of clinical hours. Because this is an online degree option, you will need to do your clinical hours locally. You can also find an LPN to BSN program. This program requires more dedication than the LPN to RN programs that offer the ADN. You are going from a 12-month training program to a full four year degree. In some cases, it will take three years of full time classes in order to earn that degree. Many programs, however, offer an accelerated BSN degree to those with years of experience in the nursing field. It can take months off of the entire program. There are programs for people who hold non-nursing degrees to transition to a BSN. Many come to the nursing profession later in life. They hold degrees from other fields. For those students, there are programs designed to train them in nursing. Many of those programs can take a year or so to complete. The student focuses on advanced classes in anatomy and physiology. They learn basic nursing skills and the way to conduct health assessments. All of this comes with clinical hours that the student needs to complete.