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How to Become a Sonography Technician in New Hampshire and Sonography programs in New Hampshire One of the Best Career Options

Sonographers earn far above the national salary average according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An average salary of seventy two thousand dollars and a rising demand of around fourteen percent over the next decade helps make this one of the best career options in the field. Additionally, learning how to become a sonography technician in New Hampshire helps highlight another important aspect of the career. It's relatively easy to become a sonographer in New Hampshire in terms of time, effort, and cost. All told, it's one of the best fields that you can choose for your future.

To become a sonography technician in New Hampshire, the first step is to enroll in one of the many sonography programs in New Hampshire. These are offered at most community colleges, trade schools, and vocational colleges around the country. In most cases some of the coursework can be completed online, but there will be hands-on training required as well in order to graduate. This training involves learning how to successfully operate the sonography equipment, print out results, identify body parts and other features within the screen, and much more. In short, it provides a total education on the field.

Unlike many other states, New Hampshire does not require that a sonography technician have licensure or certification by law. But most employers strongly prefer hiring employees that have taken the time to earn certification, so it's a good idea to do so after graduation. To become certified you will need to take the exam offered by the ARDMS, or American registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Only one testing center exists within the state, and you can learn more about the exam by calling 1-877-258-9220. Certain prerequisites exist to take the exam, but if you've graduated from a program in the state then you'll likely meet the requirements.

After you earn your certification you'll be able to enter the job market as a sonographer. Hospitals, private practices, research facilities, clinics, and many other medical related organizations hire sonography technicians in New Hampshire and it's fairly easy to find employment. Take a few minutes to research what is needed and which schools near you offer programs in the field and you'll quickly be able to determine exactly what steps you should follow to enter this field and start your career off on the right foot. It's a rewarding job and one that you'll be glad you chose.

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