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Oklahoma CNA Salary

CNA salary in Oklahoma

The quiet state of Oklahoma is considered by some to be one of the lowest paying states for CNAs. The CNA salary in Oklahoma is only $18,000 to $22,000 but there is one thing that many people forget about Oklahoma. That is that the cost of living in this state is much lower compared to many other parts of the country. Because the government recommends the salaries employers set by using the cost of living figure, employers pay what the government considers to be the cost of living in the state. Certain areas of Oklahoma, such as the urban areas, cost more to live in than other areas and so the CNAs here are paid more.

Another thing that affects the CNA salary in Oklahoma is experience. A CNA who has little or no experience is not going to be able to get a job that pays $22,000 or more usually. First they will have to get some experience working at lower paying jobs. Many employers will increase a CNA's pay after a few months or after a year. The longer that a CNA stays with the same employer the more likely that CNA is to see an increase in both pay and benefits. Very experienced CNAs enjoy benefits like paid vacations and paid sick days as well as a higher salary.

The CNA salary in Oklahoma is largely up to employers. While CNAs may make more or less than the average range, employers are the ones who set the salaries. A CNA can walk away from a job where they feel they are taken advantage of and easily find a new one. This puts pressure on the employers of CNAs to make sure that every CNA feels like they are not only appreciated but are paid what they are worth. It is a known fact that some employers pay better than others. Nursing homes are often considered to be the employers who pay the least, mainly because the turnover rate among employees is so high.

So which employers offer the best CNA salary in Oklahoma? That would most likely be the hospitals. Many CNAs desire to work in hospitals because a hospital offers better benefits and higher pay than almost anywhere else. Some hospitals offer higher pay for those who work in the ICU or ER. Other employers that offer higher salaries are government agencies and some private companies.

What is the average pay for CNA in Oklahoma?

The CNA pay scale varies per state throughout the United States.

CNA pay scale may also vary by employer.

An individual's compensation may also vary based on work experience.

Oklahoma CNA Salaries

Oklahoma CNAs earn an average of $19,830 per year.

Some CNAs in Oklahoma earn up to $25,480 per year or more.

Oklahoma CNA Hourly Wage

In 2008, the average hourly earnings of Oklahoma CNAs was $9.53.

In some cases, CNAs in Oklahoma earned up to $12.25 per hour or more.

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