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As more people are populating towns in Vermont, the amount of time a doctor has to spend with a patient is rapidly decreasing. While this used to be a very bad thing, in recent years the position of physician's assistant has become popular. The physician's assistant can do a lot of the things that a doctor does, but they have a doctor to report to before making a final judgment call on a diagnosis and treatment plan. Some of the things that a physician assistant does include: performing the examination on the patient, having tests and imaging ordered for the patient, and prescribe medication should the patient require some. Of course, there are more duties that physician's assistants fulfill, but they are all overseen by a doctor.

The training in order to become a physician's assistant is extensive and rigorous as it should be. This is not a position to take lightly and everyone who enters the career needs to know what they are doing. In order to enroll in a physician assistant program, Vermont residents need to already have a bachelor's degree. The bachelor's degree can be in any career field, but it is helpful if it is in a scientific or health-related field because you will already be acquainted with certain terminology.

For those in Vermont who want to become physician's assistants, the job outlook is pretty good. There will be several hundred physician assistant jobs added in the next eight years. If you are thinking you want to become a physician's assistant in Vermont, but you are afraid that you will not be able to find a job, put that thought to rest now. You will be able to find a job as a physician assistant once you complete your training program. You may have to move to another Vermont town, but you will be able to find a job.

Some people choose a career as a physician assistant because of the salary. The nationwide average salary for physician's assistants is $86,000 a year. Physician assistants in the State of Vermont usually start out making around $78,000 a year, but some make less if they work in very small communities. Your best bet is to find a job as a physician assistant in Burlington, Vermont as it is a very large city and has plenty of doctor's offices that are looking to hire physician's assistants. But, do not discount the smaller towns altogether there can be some good pay earned in even the small communities.

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